Juan Lauderdale – Repeat Sex Offender – Victim sues enabling Apartment

A Galveston County woman has filed suit against a La Marque apartment complex, claiming it was aware one of its employees is a registered sex offender who then allegedly raped her 14-year-old daughter on its premises six months ago.

The mother and daughter, referred to as Jane and Sally Doe respectively in court documents, accuse DJP Holdings LLC, which is doing business as La Mark Apartments, of carelessly hiring and retaining Juan Lauderdale as a resident maintenance worker.

The suit was filed in Galveston County District Court on June 15.

Lauderdale and apartment manager Damien J. Patrick are named co-defendants in the case.

“Defendants DJP Holdings LLC d/b/a La Mark Apartments and Damien J. Patrick knew or should have known of Juan Lauderdale’s dangerous and exploitative propensities as a child sexual abuser, and despite such knowledge, negligently retained (Juan) Lauderdale and failed to warn those coming into contact with him, including minor plaintiff and the minor plaintiff’s family, of (Juan) Lauderdale’s propensities,” the original petition states.

The suit claims that Lauderdale was already on the list of registered sex offenders in connection with the sexual assault of a young girl in 1996 when the apartment management entrusted the La Mark property to his care.

Jane Doe alleges Lauderdale, 32, brutally and repeatedly sexually assaulted her daughter at knifepoint for an unspecified number of hours on Dec. 29, 2008, after he brought the teen to his unit for a tattooing session.

Law enforcement officials in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area arrested Lauderdale in Somerville a month after the alleged attack.

The suspect was then turned over to Galveston County and indicted on Feb. 28 for aggravated sexual assault with a child and failure to register as a sex offender as a result of the incident.

He remains in the Galveston County Jail.

Consequently, the suit evokes the writ of respondeat superior against the apartment complex and Patrick.

The elder plaintiff insists her daughter was negatively impacted by the encounter with Lauderdale.

“As a direct and proximate result of the sexual assault and the negligent conduct of the defendants, minor plaintiff suffered severe and permanent emotional distress, physical manifestations of emotional distress, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, and other psychological injuries,” the suit says. “These affects are permanent and will abide with the minor plaintiff for her entire life.”

The plaintiffs seek restitution for the girl’s medical treatment in addition to a jury trial.

Houston attorney Jennifer H. Kahn is representing the plaintiff.

The case has been assigned to Galveston County 122nd District Court Judge John Ellisor.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Ed McAdoo Johnson – Repeat Sex Offender – DNA proves Habitual Offender

A convicted sex offender has been charged with attempting to murder and rape a woman in Barre more than a year ago. Authorities say DNA evidence played a part in identifying the suspect in this vicious crime which is very similar to a sex crime that sent him to prison 16 years ago.

Police say they had little to go on after a 50-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and her throat slashed in her Barre apartment in March 2008.

The victim said the attacker was a slender African-American wearing a dark sweatshirt and hoodie but she had never seen him before.

But Wednesday, after 16 months of investigation, police say they have enough evidence to charge Ed McAdoo Johnson, 48, with the crime.

“At the time he was identified by people in the area, so he was a suspect from the beginning,” Washington County Prosecutor Tom Kelly said.

Police say Johnson was the victim’s neighbor and knew who she was through an ex-girlfriend. Police say the case got stronger when Johnson lied to them and others about his whereabouts at the time of the crime, tried to get others to provide an alibi for him, and was seen minutes before and after the crime near the apartment. Then when saliva samples on the victim produced DNA evidence– Johnson was charged.

“Evidence,” Kelly said. “Mitochondrial DNA. Three labs have examined two pieces of evidence and have not excluded Mr. Johnson.”

Police did not have to go far to arrest Johnson. He was already in prison facing charges that he exposed himself in public several times.

It’s all part of a 30-page crime record that could bring Johnson a life sentence as an habitual offender if he is convicted of the new charges.

Johnson was ordered held on $200,000 bail on all the pending charges.

Johnson’s record shows that when the woman was attacked in Barre he had been out of prison only eight months after serving 13 years for kidnapping a woman he had never met off a street in Montpelier and holding a knife to her throat during an attempted sexual assault. If he goes to trial on these new charges it is possible prosecutors would be permitted to tell the jury about that case because it is so similar to the new one.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

David Helsel – Repeat Sex Offender – Cemetery Predator

A convicted Megan’s Law offender is accused of dragging a teen into the woods and trying to rape her at knifepoint.

David Helsel, of Altoona, was arrested after a short manhunt Tuesday night and is facing numerous charges, including indecent assault.

Helsel was convicted previously of rape and is listed on the Megan’s Law Web site as a sex offender.

Altoona police said Helsel approached a group of juveniles — two girls and three boys — at the Oakridge Cemetery on 10th Street. Helsel claimed he worked at the cemetery and blamed the group for knocking over tombstones. When the juveniles tried to walk away, Helsel punched one of the boys in the face, police said.

Soon after, police said Helsel allegedly grabbed the two girls and forced them to enter a wooded area about a block away. There, Helsel pulled out a knife and assaulted both teens before one managed to escape, police said.

The girl called police, who arrived moments later to find Helsel standing over the other girl, who was partially nude.

Helsel fled the scene but officers caught him after a chase, police said. He remains at the Blair County Prison on $500,000 bond.

The girl was taken to Altoona Regional Hospital, where she was examined and released.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Anthony Curran – Repeat Sex Offender – On trial for 2 new rapes

A SEXUAL predator raped two female strangers in terrifying attacks eight months apart, a court was told.

Anthony Curran, 28, who was convicted of rape in 2002, is alleged to have sneaked into a house at night through the unlocked front door and raped a 32-year-old woman after getting into her bed as she slept.

And in a second attack he raped a woman aged 31 on waste ground after offering to walk her home from a seafront nightclub in the early hours of the morning, Newcastle Crown Court was told yesterday. Curran, of Ridley Avenue, Wallsend, denies two counts of rape – the first on December 9, 2007 in Cullercoats and the second on August 3 last year in Whitley Bay, both North Tyneside.

He said he had never been to the house where the first attack took place but has given no explanation for two hairs found in the victim’s bed which matched his DNA profile. He maintains the second woman consented to sex.

Prosecutor Penny Moreland told the jury Curran was a sexual predator who had targeted and taken advantage of two vulnerable women.

“His offending you may think is not about an overwhelming sexual urge because at the time of both these offences he had a girlfriend with whom he had sexual relations,” she said .

“You may think it is about the exercise of force and control over his victims, his victims’ fear when they attempt to resist. It is the act of rape, not sex, that is his motivation in offending.”

The court was told the victim of the Cullercoats attack had gone to bed, leaving her partner asleep on the sofa in the living room.

At 6am she had become aware of someone behind her in bed and presuming it to be her partner, drifted back to sleep, but became alarmed when she could feel cold outdoor clothing against her skin.

She was raped after being pushed over on to her front, her face being forced into the pillow so she could hardly breathe. She managed to turn back over and bite her attacker on the hand causing him to recoil and giving her the chance to scream for her boyfriend. The man then ran downstairs and was grabbed in he hallway by the victim’s partner but managed to wriggle away.

Investigations revealed the attacker had armed himself with a two kilo weight which had been in the garden but which was recovered inside the house.

Curran – whose mother lived in Cullercoats – was arrested eight months later after he is alleged to have raped the woman in Whitley Bay. The trial continues today.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Jack Trawick – A Repeat Sex Offender – Executed in Alabama

A 62-year-old man who begged the judge at his trial to have him put him to death for the rape and murder of a young woman has been executed by lethal injection in Alabama, prison officials said Friday.

Jack Trawick was executed late Thursday after having been convicted of the murder of a 21-year-old woman in October 1992.

Local media reported that he had confessed to the murders of three other young women. Having been sentenced several times in the past, his lawyer had asked in vain that Trawick should not be paroled until he had followed a program for sex offenders.

All appeals to halt his execution were dropped, although his lawyers continued to insist that he was suffering from a mental illness.

Trawick was the fifth person to be put to death by lethal injection this year in the state.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Unless they’re dead

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Lewis Young – Repeat Sex Offender – Rap Sheet 100 pages long

A homeless man has been charged in the brutal rape of a woman in Downtown Memphis.

It happened in a downtown office building, Monday, June 8, 2009. According to investigators, a homeless man was let into the building to use a restroom. Police say the man became violent at some point while in the building and bound a woman’s mouth and hands. Investigators say he slammed her head into the toilet and raped her.

Memphis Police Detective Monique Martin says 44 year-old Lewis Young was named as the suspect in the case, during the investigation. Officers, Martin says spotted Young walking along the 600 block of Madison Avenue, around 3:00 a.m., Tuesday and arrested him.

Young has been charged with aggravated rape, especially aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping. Police say Young’s rap sheet is about 100 pages long with charges including sexual battery, burglary and robbery.

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin said, “This is a prime example of what is wrong with our justice system. The legislative body in Nashville has had opportunity after opportunity to fix this problem with tougher sentencing. They have failed to address our concerns and now another victim is scarred.”

Young is being held at the Shelby County Jail on $500,000 bond.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

WANTED – Mark Anthony Hurley – Repeat Sex Offender – Violent Rapist

“We want this man in custody as soon as possible, and hopefully, someone will know where he is,” the chief said.

Police are looking for a man who could be armed and is considered dangerous after he was accused of raping a teenage girl early Sunday.

Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett said an arrest warrant for first-degree rape was issued Monday for Mark Anthony Hurley, 32, whose last known address was 522 Filmore St., Russellville.

Hargett said investigators received information Tuesday morning that Hurley could be armed with a handgun.

“Under the circumstances, we are considering him to be dangerous,” the chief said.

Police say the attack against the girl occurred early Sunday at Hurley’s residence. The chief said the girl knew Hurley and had been with him at a gathering Saturday night.

Hargett said the girl reported that she was choked and hit several times in the face. He said scratch marks and bruising were visible on the her face and marks could be seen on her throat.

“She was pretty beat up and had to receive medical treatment,” Hargett said.

Lowery said the girl was treated at Russellville Hospital.

Hurley is a registered sex offender. According to the National Sex Offender Registry, Hurley was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse April 5, 2002, involving a 17-year-old girl.

Officials with Rape Response in Florence said it’s not uncommon for the victim of a rape to know her attacker.

“A sexual assault happens every two minutes in this country, and nearly 80 percent of the victims know their attackers,” said Cathy Connolly, director of Rape Response.

Connolly said physical injuries that occur during a sexual attack are not as common, “but they do happen.”

“There is always emotional scars and sometimes there are physical scars as well,” Connolly said.

She said statistics indicate that victims age 12-18 are the highest risk for sexual attack.

According to the sex offender registry, Hurley is described as a black man, 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 185 pounds. He is bald with brown eyes a goatee.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 332-2230 or CrimeStoppers at 386-8685.

“We want this man in custody as soon as possible, and hopefully, someone will know where he is,” the chief said.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Judge’s treatment of rape victims draws fire

“About two minutes here, if you don’t gather yourself, I’m about to rip up this guilty plea, and this man in front of you is about to walk. So I would do your very best to gather yourself,” Horton said, according to court transcripts.

Rape cases are often settled without a trial so that the victim can avoid testifying and reliving the ordeal.

But Common Pleas Judge Tim Horton recently ordered two victims to appear in court, in front of their attackers, because he said he wanted to make sure that everyone understood the plea deals that had been worked out by attorneys.

One of the victims, a 13-year-old boy, eventually was allowed to give a written statement through his mother.

But in the other case, a young woman began to break down on the witness stand, and Horton, who has been a judge for three years, scolded her.

“About two minutes here, if you don’t gather yourself, I’m about to rip up this guilty plea, and this man in front of you is about to walk. So I would do your very best to gather yourself,” Horton said, according to court transcripts.

A victims’ advocate is outraged.

And Horton now acknowledges that he wasn’t at his best during those moments.

“I don’t intend to make this a trend,” he said. “I’m still evolving as a judge. (The woman’s case) was a plea I learned a lot from. It was not my finest plea.”

The 19-year-old woman was raped on a pool table with a knife to her throat at a party in Grove City in 2007. She said she thought the arrest of her assailant and a negotiated plea deal would end her trauma.

“My fear was to see him again and have him see me,” she said in an interview this week. “I was scared I would be followed home (from court). I was scared for my family.

“There were so many people in (the courtroom). All the seats were filled up.”

Weeks later, Horton also ordered prosecutors to bring the 13-year-old boy to the courthouse so he could look him in the eye and explain why a relative might spend the rest of his life in prison for repeatedly molesting the boy when he was 9.

In that case, Prosecutor Ron O’Brien filed a motion asking that the victim’s mother be permitted to act as the boy’s representative. She read a statement in court, and Horton was satisfied.

Catherine Harper Lee, executive director of the victims’-advocacy group Justice League of Ohio, commended O’Brien for filing the motion.

“At least this protected the child from further trauma,” she said in a written statement.

But she said she was dismayed by Horton’s actions in both cases. And she called the comments made by Horton to the woman “inexcusable.”

“Let’s forgo consideration of the expertise of the prosecutor and defense counsel and threaten a severely traumatized rape victim that if she doesn’t pull herself together the judge will tear up the guilty plea and set the rapist free,” Harper Lee said. “With that lack of compassion and threat of injustice, it’s no wonder why 70 percent of rape victims don’t report.”

Horton said this week that he was not confident that either victim understood what the plea agreements meant.

“I wasn’t completely satisfied with the resolution,” he said. “The most important thing for me is to try to get it right.

“I understand the state can speak for them, but I wanted to make sure the victim was content with the process.”

The victims didn’t want to face their accusers at trial or at any other time, prosecutors said.

In the first case, David K. Dohmen, 25, agreed to plead guilty to one count of rape, a reduction from the original charges of two counts of rape and one count of gross sexual imposition.

According to a Grove City police report, Dohmen and the woman were not acquainted but ended up alone in a basement at a party in October 2007. The woman said the assault began on a pool table, then she was forced onto a bed underneath a staircase.

“I had to tell my story to doctors and nurses and the police,” she said. “I didn’t want to tell it again.”

Dohmen was charged after a DNA match.

An assistant county prosecutor and Dohmen’s attorney, Stephen Palmer, negotiated a deal in which Dohmen would plead guilty to one count of rape, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. It was his first offense.

The woman told prosecutors that she wanted Dohmen to serve the minimum three-year sentence and to be labeled a sexual predator for life, and both sides made that recommendation to Horton. Though judges often go along with a recommended sentence, they have the authority to refuse or modify it.

Horton said he wanted to hear from the woman herself why she would accept three years when her attacker could have been sent away for 10.

When she arrived on April 30, Assistant County Prosecutor Casey Russo again asked Horton not to force her to appear in court, saying that her office had explained her rights and the repercussions of the plea.

Horton still called the woman to the stand, and she began to break down. That’s when the judge threatened to drop the charges if she didn’t compose herself.

Later, after offering to give the woman a break, he said, “I’m going to take a five-minute recess. If the state doesn’t have this witness together, I’m going to rip up this guilty-plea form, and I’m going to dismiss this case because … I’ve explained to counsel, to the state, on numerous occasions that I’m not going to accept this joint recommendation if in fact the witness is not prepared to make a statement.”

Pushed for an answer about why she wanted a three-year sentence, the woman told Horton, “He’s at least getting somewhat punished or something … I didn’t want to have to talk or anything.”

After Dohmen apologized to the woman in court, Horton imposed a four-year prison term and the sexual-predator label. In the Dispatch interview, the woman said Horton was insensitive.

“I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with him,” she said. ” I don’t think he has any feelings for the victims.”

Horton, who has been a judge for three years, said he has not required a victim to be present in “95 percent of negotiated pleas.”

In the other case, Andre M. Burris, 31, was in Horton’s courtroom June 1 after having agreed to plead guilty to raping a 9-year-old relative. It was his first offense.

Again, Russo was the prosecutor. She and defense attorney Tim Merkle recommended a prison term of 10 years to life for the rape of a minor child, the mandatory sentence for that crime. Horton imposed that sentence after the boy’s mother read a statement in court.

Burris originally was charged with four counts of rape and four counts of gross sexual imposition.

Neither O’Brien nor Russo would discuss either case.

Horton, a Democrat, was elected to the bench in 2006 to fill an unexpired term and re-elected in 2008. He had been an assistant attorney general in employment law and spent six years in private practice, mostly handling civil cases.

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Curtis Thompson – Repeat Sex Offender – Awaiting Sentence for Murder


A rapist already sentenced to life in prison is scheduled to receive another sentence Wednesday in Seattle for murder.

Forty-five-year-old Curtis Thompson was convicted last month in King County Superior Court of stabbing a woman to death – with a screwdriver – during a sexual attack. It was the third conviction for Thompson for a crime spree in August 2004 that included rape and assaults.

Thompson previously spent time in prison for four rapes, but in 2003 a Seattle jury declined to commit him as a sex predator because he said religion had transformed his life.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

WANTED – Sexual Predator

Madison police have released a sketch of a suspect in a sexual assault that happened in the stairway of an apartment building on University Avenue early in the morning on May 23.

A 24-year-old woman was assaulted at about 4 a.m. in the building in the 2300 block of University Avenue, while she was walking up the stairway.

The victim said the perpetrator grabbed her from behind, assaulted her on the stairs and fled on foot.

Anyone with information about the suspect can call Madison Area Crime Stoppers, 266-6014.

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