Christopher Lynn Lord – Repeat Sex Offender – Internet Predator

Repeat Sex Offender, an internet predator – Christopher Lord of North Carolina, busted in action by Perverted Justice

Christopher Lynn Lord is another predator of the type that I consider every parent’s worst nightmare. He is a smooth talker, manipulative, able to sound non-threatening and like the nicest guy. Even his picture portrays him as a young-looking, clean-cut, harmless guy, complete with a baby on his knee. Before he even contacted my decoy persona, he had checked out her profiles, and was prepared with interests that he could say he had in common with the “child”. He used these interests as an opening to encourage meeting, working in the sex talk while cautiously watching for her reactions to be sure he was not moving too fast. He moved fast for a groomer, pushing to meet the “child” as soon as possible. He fits the classic definition of groomer, and I believe that he could easily convince even a wary child that he is a “good guy”.


My impression while chatting with Lord was that he was experienced at this grooming, knew all the techniques, and was frighteningly good at it. My first impressions proved true after I learned his history. Lord was already a Registered Sex Offender, and was on probation at the time he contacted my minor persona. It turned out that he was chatting with a long list of minors. I was very dismayed to learn that one of the IP addresses from which he was chatting with me was traced to the home of a real minor. There were also at least two “minors” he was chatting with who were actually law enforcement. I was working with an Information First department in North Carolina, and they were working out what to do about Lord. Lord mysteriously dropped contact with my decoy, and I found out why when our IF contact called me to report that Lord had been arrested when attempting to meet another “child” that day.


On the same day that he was pushing to meet my decoy persona, he planned to meet another child. Actually he intended to meet two other children, since his arrangements were to meet the law enforcement decoy and her friend. That’s right, he planned on meeting THREE minors on the SAME day. In the chat, where he discusses an appointment in Raleigh on that day, that was actually his plan to meet these other “children”. Captain Lester of the UNCG Police Department has my gratitude and respect for making this arrest. He took care of someone I consider to be dangerous, and also proactively investigated to search for other potential victims. Captain Lester contacted me when he was informed that Lord was also chatting with me, and asked for our evidence in support of his case. It turned out Lord was also chatting at the same time with another detective from Buncombe County.


Captain Lester told me that when faced with all of this evidence, Lord and his attorney decided to plead guilty. He also told me that the contribution of our evidence, along with that of the other detective, was extremely helpful and well received by the U.S. Attorney. Christopher Lynn Lord was charged federally with “Taking indecent liberties with a child by using a facility of interstate commerce” and sentenced to 235 months imprisonment and 25 years of supervised release.



“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Robert Carlos Alarcia – Whining Internet Predator wants out

A pharmaceutical technician arrested in 2006 during a headline-making Internet sting for seeking sex with a 13-year-old girl must finish serving his six month term in the Orange County jail, a Superior Court judge ruled today.

Robert Carlos Alarcia, 32, Los Angeles, was convicted by a jury in April 24, 2007 of felony attempted lewd act on a child under the age of 14, and was sentenced by Superior Court Judge David Hoffer to 180 days in jail.

He surrendered to begin serving his sentence two weeks ago after his appeals were turned down. His attorney filed a motion seeking his release, claiming that the Orange County Probation Department did not properly consider his bid to serve his sentence under home confinement.

Hoffer rejected that motion with elaboration today.

Alarcia was arrested after he engaged in an explicit sexual conversation over the Internet with a person he believed to be a 13-year-old girl in February 2006. But he actually was exchanging messages with a citizen volunteer from, a group aimed at protecting children from Internet sexual predators.

Alarcia exchanged explicit messages with the volunteer discussing sexual positions, marijuana use, and arranging to meet the child for sex, prosecutors said.

He then dove from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach — with condoms in his car and a pornographic movie in his jacket — with the expectation of meeting the fictitious young girl for a sexual rendezvous.

He was met instead by Laguna Beach police detectives. He was one of 13 men arrested during the well-publicized internet sting.

Hoffer initially recommended home confinement for Alarcia in March 2009, but the probation department — which has discretionary authority to approve electronic monitoring and home confinement — considered and denied the judge’s recommendation, according to the DA’s Office.

Of the 13 men arrested during the sting, 11 have been convicted and sentenced to jail time ranging from six months to 18 months. Two cases are pending.

Justin Towery – 5 year sentence and $50,000 fine – Internet Predator

A New Albany man Monday was sentenced to five years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections and was struck with a $50,000 fine after he pleaded guilty in Lowndes County Circuit Court to one count of exploitation of a child.

Justin Towery, 24, of 1023 Allred Drive in New Albany, was sentenced by 16th Circuit Judge Jim Kitchens after Towery admitted he attempted to sexually exploit someone he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

The charges came in May 2008, when a company named Perverted Justice contacted the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department and set up a fake profile on the Internet.

A Perverted Justice employee posed as a 14-year-old girl and chatted with Towery several times. Soon after the chats began, Towery set up a meeting with the “girl” and requested they engage in sex and oral sex, according to court documents.

When Towery arrived at what he believed was the girl’s apartment, LCSD deputies arrested him on a charge of exploitation.

Towery received the minimum prison sentence for the charge, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years. The minimum fine allowed for the charge is $10,000.

Towery also must serve five years of post-release supervision and register as a sex offender after his release from prison.


Steven Bagley – Internet Pedophile – Charged with child molestation

On a Web site frequented by pedophiles, a young man began bragging last fall about how he’d sexually assaulted a young girl he knew.

The man didn’t divulge his real name or where he lived, the state police said, but as he chatted online off and on for the last several months about the assaults, volunteers working for an Internet watchdog organization, Perverted Justice, searched for his real identity.

A volunteer learned his identity on Thursday and tipped off the Rhode Island State Police, who began looking for him, said Capt. LeRoy V. Rose Jr. The suspect himself divulged his own address on Saturday, Rose said, when someone online offered to send him a package of clothing for the young girl and asked for his mailing address.

The state police allege that Steven Bagley, 19, was the man engaged in the online conversation, and that he gave out his home address at 1327 Elmwood Ave., in Cranston.

Instead of a package, Bagley had state police detectives on his doorstep.

Bagley was arraigned Sunday on a charge of second-degree child molestation and released on $15,000 surety bail. The state police had charged Bagley after interviewing him and after seizing his computer and reviewing his conversations on the site, Rose said. The state police computer forensic detectives are now conducting a thorough investigation of the contents of his computer. The state police have located the child, who is under 14, and are working with the Child Advocacy Center in the investigation, Rose said.

The Perverted Justice organization investigates and exposes pedophiles on the Internet. Its volunteers may pose as children in Web chat rooms or, in this case, they monitor Web sites where pedophiles are talking about children they’re assaulting, or comparing ways to lure children and conceal their assaults, said Xavier Von Erck, the organization’s founder.

“These are the lowest of the low, the most disturbing individuals we run across,” Von Erck said yesterday.

Bagley appeared on one of the Web sites and described his assault on a child, Von Erck said. “He talked about one child and trying to molest other children as well,” Von Erck said. As soon as Perverted Justice obtained the man’s identity, it turned it over to the state police, who acted immediately, he said.

Rose said the state police are investigating whether there are other victims.

Perverted Justice had a hand in exposing an assistant principal at Bishop Hendricken High School in 2004. Timothy J. Sheldon ended up pleading no contest to a charge of soliciting a minor online; the 14-year-old boy he thought he was corresponding with was actually a member of Perverted Justice.

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Backlog in Riverside Courts delays Dateline Trials

“It’s uncommon to catch an Internet child predator in the act,” Hughes said. “And when we do, those are not people we feel deserve leniency.”

Nearly three years after 51 men were arrested in a “Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator” Internet sex sting in Mira Loma, 19 of those cases remain unresolved, most of them headed for trial, adding to the backlog of cases filling county courts.

Defense attorneys blame the delays on the Riverside County district attorney’s office, which they say has refused to plea-bargain any of the cases.

“We have been trying to negotiate our two cases from the beginning,” said Los Angeles attorney Ken Lewis, who along with attorney Barry Sands, is representing defendants Kurt Horst Lemke, of San Bernardino, and Phillip Thomas Jaruhungsin, of Ontario.

“They turned us down,” Lewis said.

Lewis and attorney Gary Laff said a major issue is that the charge of attempted child molestation carries with it a requirement to register as a sex offender upon conviction.

Because the district attorney refuses to negotiate, defendants are left no option but to take their chance at trial, the attorneys said.

“Every lawyer with these cases would love to negotiate,” Laff said, “but we can’t get a plea that is reasonable.”

The result, Lewis said, is that cases he believes could have been cleared early in the process, drag on for years, adding to the crushing backlog of cases clogging Riverside County courts.

The county has one of the most overcrowded court systems in California.

Assistant District Attorney Chuck Hughes defended the decision not to plea bargain any of the “Dateline” cases.

“It’s uncommon to catch an Internet child predator in the act,” Hughes said. “And when we do, those are not people we feel deserve leniency.”

Hughes said the DA’s office would not enter into a plea agreement “just to move a case along.”

“We view these defendants as extremely dangerous,” he said.

Many of the other 32 cases ended with the men entering guilty pleas to the charges and receiving sentences ranging from eight years in state prison to 120 days to be served on weekends and probation.

Some, like Highland resident Victor Ray Wells, were convicted of attempted child molestation at trial.

Wells, 52, is due to be sentenced Jan. 9.

Another “Dateline” case was thrown out by Riverside County Superior Court Judge Dallas Holmes after the jury deadlocked, 10-2, in favor of acquittal.

One man died while his case was pending.

The men were arrested by Riverside County sheriff’s deputies during a three-day sting in January 2006.

Dustin McPhetridge – Busted internet predator

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Dustin McPhetridge, 27, 149 Hurd Road, Surgoinsville, Tenn., was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Bowling Green for traveling in interstate commerce with the intent to engage in sex with a minor.

McPhetridge was arrested as part of the televised “To Catch a Predator” sting in Bowling Green earlier this year. He pleaded guilty to the charge July 23.

McPhetridge was also sentenced to supervised release for life. McPhetridge admitted he engaged in online communications with a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl in Kentucky. The girl was actually an adult decoy who worked with Perverted Justice, which targets online sexual predators.

On Oct. 20, 2007, McPhetridge drove from Surgoinsville to Bowling Green. A search of McPhetridge’s vehicle after his arrest revealed a cell phone, KY Jelly, an electric razor, a Kodak Easy Share digital camera, scan disk memory card and directions to the house.

Michael F. Shaler – Internet Predator – BUSTED


Prosecutors were to allege today that a Bridgeport Township man passed himself off as a Saginaw comedian to try to lure into a sexual encounter an Internet decoy playing the part of a 14-year-old girl.

Kent County sheriff’s deputies arrested Michael F. Shaler, 32, and 20 others during a Grand Rapids sex predators sting last month.

He faces a preliminary hearing in Grand Rapids on two charges of conspiring to commit child sexually abusive activity using the Internet, each with 20-year maximum jail penalties; and three charges of attempting to transmit sexually explicit matters to a minor, each with 4-year maximum jail penalties.

Deputies arrested Shaler at a Grand Rapids Township home after police said he made numerous sexual advances toward the undercover officer playing the part of a girl.

The Oct. 17-19 operation was a partnership among, Michigan attorney general’s agents, the sheriff’s deputies and Perverted Justice, a non-profit vigilante group that targets Internet child predators.

Television watchers know Perverted Justice for its work with Chris Hansen on Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.”

Kelli Alflen, a 63rd District Court clerk in Grand Rapids, confirmed that Shaler remained in custody pending payment of a $50,000 cash bond a judge set when Shaler pleaded not guilty at his Oct. 20 arraignment.

Gretchen W. Villarreal of Attorney General MIke Cox’s office provided The Saginaw News a 216-page chat log that she said documents conversations from Aug. 22 through Oct. 9 between Shaler and the Perverted Justice decoy using the guise of 14-year-old “Trisha.”

The night they met online, authorities claim, Shaler spent three hours communicating with the decoy and revealing he was a 31-year-old aspiring actor and comedian from Saginaw earning his living stocking toys.

The decoy asked to hear some of Shaler’s jokes. One jesting reply from Shaler, according to the log: “i was on myspace cuz I’m a pediphile in training.”

Shaler, a 1995 Bridgeport High School graduate, used the screen name “korn76_99,” investigators contend, and says he “feels like an outsider” because he was born with a hearing impairment that rendered his right ear “pretty much useless.”

During the fifth conversation, Shaler moved beyond platonic dialogue, according to the log: “trying to get into my 14yr old frame of mind 😕 so u wanna go make out behind the bleachers?”

The graphic nature of the chat logs increases, and Shaler sent explicit Web Camera footage of himself Sept. 7, Sept. 13 and Oct. 12, investigators claim, adding that he initiated and advanced each conversation. The decoy did not discourage Shaler but never explicitly contributed to the sexual content of the conversations.

Shaler’s defense attorney, Philip R. Sturtz Sr. of Saginaw, would not comment on the pending matter.

“Immediately, as soon as they walk in the house, we arrest them,” said Matt Frendewey, spokesman for Cox. He said the conviction rate is between 90 and 95 percent with these types of cases.

“We’ll ask for the most (jail time possible),” Frendewey said.

“Assuming they have no criminal records and they are first-time offenders, (they’ll face) somewhere between a year to six months, plus probation, which can be anywhere up to five years or more,” he said.

Police add convicted offenders’ addresses to the State Police Sex Registry, where they remain indefinitely.

“If anything, take this Internet predator sting as a reminder that predators come from all walks of life, from all across the state, and parents who are vigilant and heed caution will be able to better protect their children,” Cox said.

21 Internet Predators Arrested in Sting

Attorney General Mike Cox and Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma today announced the arrest of 21 individuals who attempted to engage in sexual activity with children they met on the Internet. The arrests resulted from a joint Internet Child Predator Sting conducted in Kent County from October 17 to 19.

These predators were arrested by Attorney General Agents and Kent County Sheriff Deputies at or near a decoy home in Grand Rapids Township after engaging in explicit Internet chats with undercover agents posing as children.

Virtually all defendants face at least two 20-year felonies: one for Child Sexually Abusive Activity and another for using a computer to engage in that crime. Defendants who sent sexually explicit material online face additional counts. The Attorney General’s office, which will handle the prosecutions, has requested a minimum $50,000 cash bond for each defendant.
An additional round of arrests will follow for individuals who transmitted sexually explicit material, but did not travel to the decoy location.

The defendants from this operation all are males, ranging in age from 20 to 65. A majority of the defendants are from West Michigan, some residing only several miles from the decoy house, while others drove hundreds of miles. Seventeen of the defendants arrested were from Michigan, three were from Indiana, and one from Illinois.

Those from Michigan included two from the city of Wyoming, one from Byron Center, and one from Grand Rapids.

Many defendants carried condoms and some had prior criminal convictions, including domestic violence and home invasion. One reported being an employee for a toy store, while another admitted to kissing his wife goodbye as his two young children were asleep.

Prior to this operation, Cox’s office had already arrested more than 200 Internet predators.
“Internet predators are a dangerous everyday threat to Michigan’s children,” said Cox. “This is a reminder that the Internet allows predators into our homes without even opening a door.”
Sheriff Stelma reminded parents to keep a close watch on their children’s Internet usage.

“This is a great example of law enforcement officials working together to make our community safe,” said Stelma. “It’s important for adults to monitor our children’s Internet activities by providing instruction and establishing rules, such as what kind of sites they can visit, when they can go on line, and how long they can stay there.”

Other partners in the operation included Perverted Justice, a non-profit organization which specializes in identifying online predators, and Investigative Mechanics, Inc., which outfitted the decoy house and neighborhood with state-of-the-art video and audio surveillance equipment.
Citizens can report suspected Internet child predators by calling the Attorney General’s Child and Public Protection Unit at (313) 456-0180. The Attorney General’s office also created the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (Michigan CSI) to teach Internet safety to children and adults. For more information, call (877) 765-8388 or go to

James Scott Rogers – 200th internet predator – "niceguy4u810"

Attorney General Mike Cox today announced that his office has reached a new benchmark and arrested 200 Internet predators since 2003. Upon taking office, Cox restructured the criminal division and made child protection a priority of his administration.

“Every day, child predators troll the Internet seeking to exploit our children,” said Cox. “Today””s record breaking achievement is a reminder that my office and law enforcement across the state continues to track down child predators in order to remove them before they can hurt a child.”

Cox reached the 200th mark with the arrest of James Scott Rogers, 44, of Linden. Rogers is charged with using the Internet to commit child sexual abusive activity.

On August 25, Rogers was arrested after attempting to meet with who he thought was the minor he communicated with on the Internet. Rogers was communicating with an undercover volunteer from the citizens”” group Perverted Justice posing as a 14-year old girl. Rogers was also charged with 2 felonies for sending sexually explicit photos to the person he believed was a 14-year old girl.

Rogers was arraigned on August 26, 2008, at 34th District Court in Romulus, before Judge Tina Brooks Green. He is charged with:

One count of child sexually abusive activity, a 20 year felony;

One count of using the Internet to communicate with another to commit child sexually abusive activity, a 20 year felony;

One count of using the Internet to disseminate sexually explicit matter to a minor, a 4 year felony; and,

One count of using the Internet to distribute child sexually abusive material to a minor, a 10 year felony.

Judge Green set Rogers”” bond at $50,000 cash, the defendant is scheduled to be back in court on October 1, 2008. Upon examination of Rogers”” computer, child pornography was discovered; more charges are possible, pending further investigation.

Because of the seriousness of the problem of Internet predators, Cox created an education curriculum that his Department teaches in schools throughout Michigan called the Child Safety Initiative (Michigan CSI). The initiative is broken into four classes, targeting grades, K-1, 2-3, 4-6, and a community seminar aimed at educating teachers, parents and community leaders. The program has received national praise and reached more than 214,000 students in the 2007-08 school year, and began its second season last week.

For more information on how to protect your child from Internet predators visit

Parents are encouraged to check their children””s “buddy lists” for the screen name Rogers used including “niceguy4u810.” If they believe their child had contact with Rogers, parents should contact the Attorney General””s office at (313) 456-0180.

A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

By the Office of the Michigan Attorney General

James Young III – Internet Predator – Also had Child Porn

A Farwell man, arrested in Marshall in June for allegedly enticing a child to have sex, was ordered Tuesday to stand trial.

James Young III, 34, was arrested June 15 —Fathers Day — when he arrived at a Marshall McDonald’s expecting to meet a 13-year-old girl, according to Calhoun County Sheriff Department deputies.

During testimony in district court Tuesday, a witness from Perverted Justice testified she exchanged sexually explicit messages with Young, who used the name Fredold_2000. The woman, Nancy Popham of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, testified she pretended to be a 13-year-old girl from Marshall with an online name of Kylieblue.

Perverted Justice is a Web site that trains people to search for Internet sexual predators and works with police to catch them. She used Marshall because of past cases investigated by Perverted Justice working with the sheriff department, prosecutors said.

Popham testified that Young suggested a meeting so he could spend the night with the girl in a hotel room, shower and have oral sex.

“If it was possible not to get in trouble would you think about having sex with me,” Popham said Young wrote her on May 24.

She said Young also sent three pictures of himself, including one of him naked with an erection.

Popham, pretending to be the young girl, agreed to meet Young at the restaurant but when he walked to the counter after smiling at a teenage girl who was inside with deputies as a decoy, Detective Guy Picketts said he walked up and said, “Jim, Calhoun County Sheriff Department. You are under arrest. Put your hands on the counter and don’t get stupid.”

During an interview after his arrest, Young told Picketts he had child porn on his computer and prosecutors played a small portion of a video for Judge Marvin Ratner.

After the testimony, Assistant Prosecutor David Heiss asked to change the charges from enticing a child for immoral purposes to possession of child sexually abusive material, use of a computer to possess the material and attempted third-degree criminal sexual abuse. The judge granted the motion.

Defense Attorney Ken Marks argued there is no way to determine the age of the people depicted in the video seized from the computer and that his client did nothing to attempt to have sex with the young girl in the restaurant.

“He just showed up at a McDonald’s,” Marks said.

Ratner disagreed.

“He appeared at a McDonald’s with the intent to meet someone he believed to be a 13-year-old girl,” the judge said, “and start a chain of events which would end in a sexual act.”

If convicted on all charges Young faces up to seven years in prison. He remains in the county jail.