Jeremy Houston – former teacher and filthy whining pedophile

Former teacher Jeremy Houston will appeal his conviction on two child pornography charges at a hearing in Regina on Monday.

The 53-year-old is expected to present arguments to the Court of Appeal on his own behalf, rather than through a lawyer.

According to a notice of appeal he filed with the province’s highest court less than a week after his conviction in April, Houston contends that the images found in his possession in 2005 “were stamped with URLs of legitimate adult websites, each having disclaimers that the models depicted are over 18 years of age.”

In addition, “one image of the seventeen year old girl show(s) the upper cleavage of her breast only, with no nipple exposed,” the appeal notice states.

Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Grant Currie ruled during Houston’s trial that breasts are sexual organs.

“All dictionary definitions however state that the breast is not a sexual organ, any more than a buttock is,” Houston wrote in the appeal document.

Houston was also convicted of accessing child pornography on the Internet, in connection with a fictional story written by his older brother, Simon Houston, which had been posted to a website for a group called the North American Man Girl Love Association (NAMGLA).

The two brothers were active members of the NAMGLA website’s bulletin board. Simon Houston, 55, is currently serving a 15-month jail sentence, after pleading guilty in January to a charge of distributing child pornography.

Jeremy Houston came under police scrutiny in 2005 while officers were investigating his brother. Records on his computer showed he had visited the NAMGLA website about 200 times, while Simon logged on more than 1,000 times, posting stories about sex with infants and pre-teens.

The website, based in the United States, was shut down by the FBI in conjunction with several arrests — including multiple counts of child molestation against a California man — in 2006.

Simon Houston testified against his brother at his trial, telling court they shared a sexual interest in children and that Jeremy had printed pictures of naked pre-teen girls from the Internet and given them to him in a brown envelope, encouraging him to keep writing stories about the subject.

During his testimony, Simon Houston said he feels sex between adults and children is acceptable — a view Currie described as “distorted and repugnant.”

Jeremy Houston, a married father of three, taught at a school in Nipawin until shortly after his arrest in 2005.

Regarding the charge of accessing the pornographic story written by his brother, Houston’s notice of appeal cites his Charter right to freedom of expression.

“The accused did not read the entire story,” it adds. “Only the first half was read. He avoided all other stories written by Simon Houston, as proven by the fact no comments were posted.”

At a hearing in April, Jeremy Houston received an 18-month conditional sentence followed by three years of probation.

During both terms, he is confined to his home except for medical emergencies, religious purposes, or with the consent of a supervisor, and he is also banned from using a computer or the Internet.