Lonny Cote – Repeat Sex Offender – Denial

Lonny Cote, a registered sex offender in Oklee, Minn., made his first court appearance Monday in state district court in Red Lake Falls, Minn., on charges of having sexual contact with a young girl in his mother’s home-based child care center in Oklee.

Because Cote, 53, is a registered predatory sex offender with three sexual crime convictions from 2000; he faces a possible maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted, Red Lake County Attorney Daniel Geller said Tuesday.

Last summer, state social services officials closed Violet Cote’s child care center after the allegations against her son came to light.

Lonny Cote denies the charges and will mount an alibi defense showing he couldn’t have been at his mother’s home when the alleged victim was there, said his defense attorney, Kevin Duffy, Thief River Falls.

Geller charged Cote with three counts of second degree criminal sexual contact with a girl younger than 13, a statutory age limit in state law. She was one of the children in his mother’s home-based child care center.

Second-degree criminal sexual contact does not require sexual penetration, but typically is a charge used when a victim is quite young. The normal maximum sentence for the charge is 25 years in prison.

Duffy said the complaint alleges the sexual contact happened sometime between October of last year and April of this year. Cote was working for a farmer and denies ever going to his mother’s house during business hours, Duffy said, except one time to do an emergency fix on the furnace.

“We are comparing time lines,” Duffy said, and he said they show it is highly unlikely the contact between Cote and the girl could have occurred.

Cote often would visit his mother after business hours when no children were present to have dinner, which was OK under the terms of his probation, Duffy said.

Cote’s mother told the Herald last summer she closed her child care center after having her state license suspended and said her son had never hurt any of the children.

Geller said Cote was not a paid employee of the child care center.

Because of Cote’s criminal history, Geller said he designed the charges to carry a maximum sentence of life in prison

Cote also is fighting charges of probation violation in Norman County and will appear on one of them this morning in Ada, Minn., Duffy said.

Norman County officials allege that a year ago, Cote went to his mother’s home to fix her furnace during business hours when children were there, which violated conditions of his probation on three criminal sexual misconduct charges in 2000 in Norman County.

Norman County officials also allege that Cote failed this week to inform his Norman County probation officer that he had been released on bond in Crookston after his Monday court appearance in Red Lake Falls, Duffy said.

Duffy said Cote claims he went, on an emergency basis, to fix his elderly mother’s furnace a year ago and had no contact with any of the children in her center, Duffy said.

As far as this week’s allegations by Norman County officials of probation violation, Cote has witnesses who saw him call his probation officer this week and leave a message that he had bonded out of jail in Crookston on the Red Lake County charges, Duffy said.

Cote is scheduled to appear next in Red Lake County court Jan. 26.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Rodney Chism + Enabling Mother = Repeat Sex Offender

The son of a Shreveport day care owner is accused of sex crimes involving two youths. And she is charged with perjury.

Their arrests this week are the latest in an investigation into allegations of sexual assaults at Smart Start Learning Center Express.

Rodney Chism, 45, was booked Tuesday on two counts of molestation of a juvenile, said Lea Hall, of the Caddo district attorney’s office.

And his mother, Katherine Robbins, is accused of lying when questioned before a grand jury.

The warrant also charges Chism with one count each of aggravated rape, aggravated incest and aggravated oral sexual battery, according to the arrest report.

“I can tell you that both of the children from those counts had had contacts with the day care,” Hall said. “One of them was a child that was a customer and one was a family member.”

Chism, a registered sex offender who pleaded guilty in 1999 to carnal knowledge of a juvenile, and Robbins are named in secret indictments a Caddo grand jury returned in November.

Their arrests are the third and fourth in the case spawned by the indictment of Robbins’ son Darrell Chism, 36, in July on charges that he raped young family members. Those charges are unrelated to Smart Start.

On Sept. 17, the state pulled the license for the facility on Hearne Avenue because Robbins failed to perform background checks on all of her employees, among other things, authorities say. And the list of children she provided did not match the children who actually attended the facility.

And Robbins’ niece Tatanisha Kochinskey, 36, has been charge with tampering with evidence.

After the indictment, the state Social Services Department received an anonymous call alleging sexual abuse at the day care. That’s when Shreveport police and the Caddo district attorney’s office got involved. Both have since received numerous calls from parents whose children attended Smart Start.

The molestations began 14 years ago and occurred as recently as the arrest several months ago, authorities said.

It’s unknown whether the Chism brothers worked at the day care, but they did frequent the facility.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Gail Shefelbine – Enabing mother of sexual predator charge with perjury

The mother of a Tolland man serving 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting several teenage girls was charged Monday with nine counts of perjury.

Prosecutors in Superior Court in Rockville are accusing Gail L. Shefelbine, 66, of lying while testifying during a July 2007 court hearing concerning her son’s case.

Shefelbine turned herself in Monday morning at the courthouse and posted $7,500 bail. She is due back in court Nov. 25 for arraignment.

Scott Shefelbine, 33, was sentenced Oct. 20 to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting five girls, ages 14 to 18.

At the July 2007 hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth C. Leaming asked Judge Stanley T. Fuger Jr. to revoke Shefelbine’s $1.5 million bail, contending he violated the terms of his release and continued to seek out young girls to sexually assault.

Scott Shefelbine was being electronically monitored and was permitted to leave his parents’ Tolland home only for medical and legal appointments and to attend church. He left at other times, the state charged, to meet young girls.

According to the warrant for her arrest, Gail Shefelbine lied nine times during the hearing.

When called to account for those unauthorized trips, Shefelbine’s mother and sister testified that he was attending church services or counseling sessions. Gail Shefelbine presented church bulletins she said she obtained during the services as well as photos of her and her son in front of a church. The state contends Gail Shefelbine also lied about when her son grew a beard, which was an issue at the hearing. Teenagers he tried to assault while he was free on bail reported that he was cleanshaven. At the hearing he had a beard, and his mother insisted he’d had it for many months.

Bart Zamichiei, an inspector in the Tolland state’s attorney’s office, checked the facts in Gail Shefelbine’s testimony.

She testified that she and her son attended a church service Easter Sunday night at St. Maurice Church in Bolton. “St. Maurice was on Easter night,” Gail Shefelbine testified. “They had an evening service. Very few people had an evening service.”

The Rev. William Olesic, the pastor at St. Maurice 20 years, told Zamichiei that St. Maurice had no Mass on Easter Sunday night.

Zamichiei also interviewed people at other churches who said that in the weeks before the July 2007 hearing Gail Shefelbine, sometimes with her son, appeared and asked for church bulletins from several months prior. She also asked church officials to sign those bulletins.

Some of those bulletins were then submitted as evidence at the hearing.

In one case, Gail Shefelbine testified that she and her son attended a service at the Victory Tabernacle Church in Middlefield the week of the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech shootings. In court, she presented a bulletin from the April 19, 2007 service.

Later, Zamichiei interviewed the church’s pastor, who told him that Gail Shefelbine appeared at the church in June 2007 asking for a bulletin from the April 19 service. She claimed to be helping to prepare a collage for a friend’s daughter killed at Virginia Tech, the pastor told Zamichiei. The pastor refused to give her an original bulletin, but did give her a copy. He also refused her request to sign it.

After the July 2007 hearing, Fuger ordered Scott Shefelbine to jail and said he found the testimony of his family to be “lacking in credibility.”

Brian Michael Lane – Pedophile Monster in Denial

I am not a monster – I just molest children

He turned toward the father of the 4-year-old and said he wasn’t a monster.

“You know me,” Lane said.

“You know me”

NEW PORT RICHEY — Brian Michael Lane was a preschool teacher. Now he’s a sexual predator.

Lane, 30, who worked at Sugar Plum First Class Preschool in Hudson, was arrested in June and accused of fondling a 4-year-old boy and performing a sex act on a 10-year-old boy. On Thursday in court he pleaded guilty to attempted capital sexual battery and two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The hearing was long, strange and contentious.

It was on, off, on again. There was crying, yelling, pointing. The father of the 4-year-old victim got up in court and said Lane was a monster. Lane’s mother got up and said that he wasn’t. For all of it, the 4-year-old was in the courtroom, in the front row, kneeling, watching, wide-eyed.

Lane lived in New Port Richey and used to lead the choir at Bayonet Point Christian Church. He had no prior criminal record and passed all the required background checks when he was hired at Sugar Plum. He fondled the 4-year-old during nap time.

“For less than a minute,” he told Pasco County sheriff’s deputies.

Another allegation came the day he was arrested. That led to the charge involving the 10-year-old from Sugar Plum. Lane was friendly with the boy’s parents.

On Thursday in court, Lane, slump-shouldered and soft-spoken, sat in the inmates’ box wearing glasses, handcuffs and ankle chains. He told Circuit Judge Thane Covert he didn’t want to take the 20-year deal.

This seemed unwise.

Did he want 20 years now or life in prison later? He had confessed to a crime that can come with life in prison. The deal was offered only because the families of the boys wanted the case to be over.

Public defenders Kemba Lewis and Susan Gardner talked to Lane. The quiet but intense conversations went on for a while. Lane finally reconsidered.

The father of the 4-year-old brought the boy because the boy’s counselor thought seeing this would help. The Times is not naming the father to protect the identity of his son.

The father got up to read his statement. He said he was thankful that “our community will at least have one less monster to deal with.”

He also said he was a former corrections officer and suggested that he knew what happened in prison to men who did bad things to small boys.

“I am ashamed to admit,” he said to Lane, “that I find some satisfaction in knowing what you have to look forward to.”

Then it was Lane’s mother’s turn.

Carmella Lane said her son was a good man, and that he was remorseful, and that he had repented. Her voice got louder the longer she spoke. She said that he wasn’t a monster, and that he needed help, and help in his head, she said, not in the form of handcuffs.

“He’s not an animal,” she said.

She turned and pointed at the father of the 4-year-old.

“You might think he is,” she said, “but he’s not a monster.”

Then Lane talked.

He said he was wrong. He said he was sorry. In the end, though, he turned toward the father of the 4-year-old and said he wasn’t a monster.

“You know me,” Lane said.

The man shook his head.

Lane’s voice changed. It got a little more deep and a little less soft. He looked right at the man.

“You do,” Lane said.

“You know me.”

Roger M. Smith – 30 year sentence for doping little girls and sexually assaulting them – with the help of their mother

Smith, overcome by tears, had his attorney, William Jones, read Crabb a letter in which he apologized for what he’d done and begged for mercy for Wheaton.

“Because of what I did, I lost everything I loved and cared for,” the letter said. “My prison is within me in my head and heart.”

An Iowa County man was sentenced Friday in federal court to 30 years in prison in connection with having sex with twin 6-old year old girls while their mother photographed them.

Roger M. Smith, 37, of the town of Hollandale, later distributed some of the photos in Internet chat rooms. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to making and possessing child pornography.

In court on Friday, Smith was emotionally unable to read a prepared statement and handed it to his attorney William Jones who said Smith was sorry for causing co-defendant Carrie Wheaton, 30, of central Illinois, to lose her two girls and newborn son to child protection services.

Wheaton was pregnant when she pleaded guilty to similar charges in July, but it wasn’t made clear in court if Wheaton, who is to be sentenced on Sept. 23, has given birth.

Jones continued Smith’s statement saying Smith regretted not getting the help he needed for his problem and asked District Judge Barbara Crabb to impose the minimum sentence on Wheaton.

Jones asked Crabb for the 15-year minimum sentence saying federal guidelines contemplate worst conduct for the maximum punishment of 30 years then having sexual contact with sleeping girls. Jones also said Smith was cooperative with authorities and remorseful.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim O’Shea asked Crabb to impose 30 years saying the photos of Smith and the girls taken in November and February weren’t isolated incidents as Smith previously sought out young women with small children.

Wheaton was “vulnerable, pliable,” and with two small children, a person Smith could use “as sexual objects,” O’Shea told Crabb.

Crabb agreed that Smith deserved the 30-year statutory maximum penalty couple with lifetime probation for his crime.

“For most of us it’s the worst thing we can imagine,” she said.

Because the girls were drowsy or asleep while Smith had sexual contact with them, they “probably never knew what happened, due to the cough syrup (Wheaton gave them) but someday they will know,” she said.

Instead of being a guardian or protector of the girls’, Smith exploited them for his own desires, which might cause the girls to never trust authority figures, said Crabb.

After court, O’Shea declined to say if he would recommend the maximum sentence for Wheaton.

Smith’s home was searched after state authorities obtained a search warrant after Smith was investigated for exposing a child to sexual activity over the Internet.

During a Feb. 28 search, 23 images of the girls engaged in sexually explicit activity were found on a memory card recovered from Smith’s bedroom. A second memory card with an unspecified number of sexually explicit photos apparently taken on Feb. 2 also was recovered from Smith’s bedroom on Feb. 28. All the photos were taken at Wheaton’s Illinois home and then transported to Wisconsin, said O’Shea.

Mother arrested for leaving children with Repeat Sex Offender

A Panola County, Texas, woman has been arrested on charges she left two children in the care of a convicted sex offender. The boys, ages 2 and 3, were molested, authorities said.

The man has also been arrested.

“We have a woman that already knew that he had been arrested for sex crimes,” Panola County Sheriff Jack Ellett said in explaining the arrest of Whitney Williams, 19, on charges of endangering a child.

Panola investigators said Williams left the 2- and 3-year-olds with her uncle, Kevin Deon Williams of Carthage.

Kevin Williams molested the boys while babysitting them one day earlier this month, Ellett said.

He is also accused of indecency with another child for inappropriately touching a 9-year-old boy on another day, Ellett said. That little boy had also been left in Williams’ care, Ellett said.

All three children have been placed in foster care.

Whitney Williams is jailed on a $400,000 bond. Kevin Williams is jailed under $1.5 million bond.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Clint A. Nevitt – Repeat Sex Offender Paid a mother to have sex with child

He allegedly paid the 11-year-old’s mother to have sex with the girl, said Middletown police Detective Fred Shuemake, who called Nevitt “one of the worst” pedophiles he’s seen in his 10 years as a juvenile detective.

A registered sex offender already accused of gross sexual imposition with a 9-year-old Middletown girl is now facing charges he raped an 11-year-old, according to the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office.

Clint A. Nevitt, 32, of Middletown, was indicted by a Butler County grand jury on three counts of rape and two counts of gross sexual imposition.

He allegedly paid the 11-year-old’s mother to have sex with the girl, said Middletown police Detective Fred Shuemake, who called Nevitt “one of the worst” pedophiles he’s seen in his 10 years as a juvenile detective.

The allegations came to light after the 11-year-old, who is now living with her father outside of Middletown, told a therapist about the encounters. The girl said her mother, who has not been charged with any crimes, used the money to buy drugs, Shuemake said.

In 2001, Nevitt was accused of raping a third girl, who was 12 at the time and is related to his 9-year-old accuser.

He served two years in prison and was listed in the state’s sex offender registry after he pleaded guilty to gross sexual imposition and attempted rape.

The 9-year-old girl testified in a June preliminary hearing that Nevitt paid her to touch him.

Her grandmother testified Nevitt contacted her before the allegations involving her granddaughter and asked for her help in finding him “young stuff.”

He allegedly had more success when he repeated the same request to the mother of the
11-year-old, Shuemake said.

Nevitt is being held in the Butler County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond. He faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Miguel Navarro – Repeat Sex Offender Strikes again while awaiting trial on the first charge

A Woonsocket man awaiting trial on charges he molested a 5-year-old girl in 2005, was charged Thursday with kidnapping an 11-year-old girl at knifepoint and assaulting her in a vacant apartment.

Miguel Navarro, 20, was arraigned in District Court in Providence. He faces charges of kidnapping and assault with intent to commit first-degree child molestation.

Police said the girl was walking to school at about 7:45 a.m. on Willow Street on Wednesday when Navarro approached the girl with a knife. Police said he took her to an abandoned apartment where he tried to rape her.

Police said the girl was able to escape after about 30 minutes. She went home and told her mother, who contacted police. Police found Navarro a short time later.

In 2005, Navarro was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and child molestation, but the case was dismissed in 2006.

A short time later, he was accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl. Court records show Navarro was released from state custody in May 2006 after posting $40,000 bail.

Navarro’s mother, Brenda Navarro said police are just to pin something else on him.

“Why is he going to waste his time across the street — you know. Come on, that’s dumb, don’t you think so? I believe in my son 100 percent and I don’t care about any others,” she said.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte
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