Mark Gillette – Repeat Sex Offender – Busted on Craig’s List

An advertisement on Craig’s List led police to a Bloomington man arrested for a sex crime. It isn’t his first time behind bars.

An Indiana University Police officer made the arrest after an undercover sting. The officer says he chatted online with registered sex offender Mark Gillette, who agreed to exchange sex for money.

The alleged prostitution agreement took place on Craig’s List, a popular website for goods and services.

“Gillette had only been out of prison for a few months when we got an anonymous tip,” said Capt. Jerry Minger, IU police.

Police say Gillette agreed to meet who he thought was his Craig’s List acquaintance on the IU campus. But when Gillette arrived on the west side of the IU HPER building, much to Gillette’s surprise, it turned out to be an campus cop.

“When they got to midpoint there they identified themselves as police officers and arrested him,” said Capt. Minger.

The officer arrested Mark Gillette for promoting prostitution, but also on a March 10th warrant for violating his probation. Gillette failed to register his new address as a convicted sex offender, so he was already wanted by authorities.

The same campus police officer arrested Gillette several years ago for the same offense.

“His first offense involved a 16- and 17-year-old, trying to get them into prostitution,” said Minger.

Right now it’s spring break at IU, but when it comes to using websites like Craig’s List, “We aggressively enforce the laws here on campus,” Minger said.

Police are warning not only students but anyone using the internet to commit a crime on or off campus that they’ll be watching.

Gillette has no connection to Indiana University.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Aaron Jay Lemon – Babysitter used Craigslist to find victim

A 23-year-old Little Canada man convicted of producing child pornography was sentenced Monday in federal court. Aaron Jay Lemon received a sentence of 20 years in prison and supervised release for life, for the production of pornography involving a child he was babysitting in 2007.

According to Lemon’s plea agreement, in August of 2007, he did knowingly employ, use, persuade, induce, entice, and coerce a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of such contact.

Court documents say that Lemon answered a babysitter ad on Craigslist. He then used a video camera to produce child pornography while acting as a babysitter to the child he was caring for.

The case is part of an effort by the St. Paul Police Department and Project Safe Childhood .


Toby L. Rice – Pedophile advertised babysitting services on Craigslist

A former Northland emergency medical technician was sentenced in federal court today to 20 years in prison for producing, distributing and possessing child pornography.

Toby L. Rice, 34, of Blue Springs, had worked for the North Kansas City Fire Department. Rice was also ordered to pay $5,600 in restitution to his victim. Following his release from prison, Rice will be subject to supervised release for the rest of his life.

Rice pleaded guilty in April to using a 5-year-old girl whom he was babysitting in his home to engage in sexually explicit conduct for producing child pornography. Rice, also known by his online name, “babysitting_uncle,” distributed one of those photographs over the Internet to at least two other individuals, and distributed multiple images of additional child pornography among a group of individuals, between April 1 and Aug. 10, 2007. Rice also admitted that he was in possession of child pornography on Aug. 24, 2007.

Rice advertised on Craigslist, offering himself as a babysitter for more children.

Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at Rice’s residence on Aug. 24, 2007, and recovered a Kodak digital camera, which had multiple images of the 5-year-old girl.