Charles Jaynes – Whining Nambla Pedophile

The infamous pervert who’s served 10 years in prison for killing 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley of Cambridge is demanding a new trial, arguing jurors who convicted him had no right to hear he was sexually attracted to little boys.

Charles Jaynes’ attorney, Janet Hetherwick Pumphrey, said yesterday the monstrous murderer does not claim he is innocent of kidnapping the child on Oct. 1, 1997.

Rather, Pumphrey explained, Jaynes’ sexual proclivity was irrelevant because, “This was a kidnapping-murder case. He’s just claiming his trial was unfair.”

With help from his boyfriend Salvatore Sicari, Jaynes smothered Jeffrey with gasoline for refusing to submit to sex and dumped the boy’s naked, concrete-spattered body in a Maine river in a Rubbermaid container. The heartlesness and vile nature of the crime shocked the nation.

Jaynes, 33, maintains that written and oral statements he made expressing his desire for Jeffrey and other boys should not have been admitted into evidence, and that a witness’ remark that he was a “pedophile” should have been grounds for a mistrial, court records state.

Yesterday, the cowardly killer shuffled into Middlesex Superior Judge Hiller B. Zobel’s courtroom to present his case, but panicked upon seeing news cameras and retreated to a holding area, screaming for his lawyer.

When Zobel refused to indulge him, Jaynes agreed to come out with a denim jacket pulled over his head.

Zobel cautioned Pumphrey, “I have not decided if I’m going to have a hearing on this motion.”

The Supreme Judicial Court in 2002 turned down Jaynes’ first bid for a new trial, denying his claim that the public was wrongly barred from a portion of jury selection.

Jaynes was sentenced to life, plus 9 to 10 years, for kidnapping and second-degree murder, could eventually be eligible for parole. Sicari, found guilty of first-degree murder, will serve life.

In his statement, Sicari described the killing. While he drove Jaynes’ Cadillac, he explained, the 250-pound Jaynes sat on Curley in the back seat. As Curley struggled, Jaynes allegedly told him, “Don’t fight it.” Jaynes then placed a gasoline soaked rag to the boy’s mouth and held it there, killing him, Sicari said.

After the killing, Sicari told police, he and Jaynes drove to numerous stores to buy the items necessary to dispose of Curley’s body. Video cameras in two of the stores captured the men at the checkout counter purchasing a Rubbermaid container, a bag of lime and a bag of concrete. The men then left Massachusetts and drove north to Jaynes’ apartment in Manchester, New Hampshire. There, according to Sicari, Jaynes took off Curley’s clothes and molested the boy’s dead body. The sight of this made him ill, said Sicari. When he ran to the bathroom, Jaynes told him, “Don’t be a baby. Come out here and help me — he’s starting to stiffen up.”

Sicari then admitted to helping Jaynes prepare the body. First they placed Curley’s body in the cement-filled Rubbermaid container, put lime on his face and in his mouth to speed decomposition, and sealed the container with duct tape. Then they drove to Maine, where they dumped the container into a river, Sicari said.

Prosecutors believed that Sicari and Jaynes lured Curley into Jaynes’ Cadillac with the promise of $50 and a bicycle. One or both of the men allegedly made sexual advances towards the boy, then suffocated him when he resisted.

NAMBLA – ACLU – IPCE activists for baby raping

he North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a New York City and San Francisco-based unincorporated organization operating in the United States that advocates the liberalisation of laws against sexual relations between adult men and adolescent young boys- resolving to “end the oppression of men and boys who have freely chosen mutually consenting relationships”. NAMBLA also calls for “the adoption of laws that both protect children from unwanted sexual experiences and at the same time leaving them free to determine the content of their own sexual experiences and age of consent.”

NAMBLA holds an annual gathering in New York City and monthly meetings around the country. In the early 1980s, NAMBLA was reported to have had over 300 members, and was supported by such noted figures as Allen Ginsberg. Since then, the organization has kept membership data private, but an undercover FBI investigation in 1995 discovered that there were 1,100 people on the rolls. It is the largest organization in the umbrella group IPCE – “International Pedophile and Child Emancipation”.

Since 1995, public criticism and law enforcement infiltration have heavily impaired the organization. Its national headquarters now consists of little more than a private mail box service in San Francisco and they rarely respond to inquiries. Some reports state that the group no longer has regular national meetings and few local monthly meetings as of the late 1990s to avoid local police infiltration.

Agenda of NAMBLA, pedophiles, and homosexual activists push for total sexual liberation under new gay rights movement:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), now supporting the case for overturning Proposition 8, filed a lawsuit several years ago against the state of Kansas over the state’s criminal sodomy law involving children. The ACLU is defending Matthew Limon, a homosexual who committed sodomy against a 14-year-old boy in 2000. At the time of his crime, Simon was 18 years old. The ACLU is claiming that Limon’s conviction is unconstitutionally discriminatory because the penalties for sodomy with a minor are different than for heterosexual sex with a minor.

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline says the fairness of Limon’s sentence should be a state legislative issue, not a constitutional one. According to Kline, “If the ACLU wins in the thrust of their arguments, it means the state has no right to say that it is illegal for an adult to have sex with a 13-year-old child.” Kline also fears that an ACLU victory will make it difficult for the state to enforce laws against polygamy, incest, bestiality, and other sexual perversions.

The effort to abolish “age of consent” laws has been a long-time goal of homosexual activists. The 1972 Gay Rights Platform, for example, called for the abolition of all laws prohibiting sex with children. The platform demands: “Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.”

In September, 1995, three homosexual activists published an essay entitled, “The State Of Gay Liberation” in Guide, a homosexual publication. The essay was authored by North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) co-founder David Thorstad, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor Richard D. Mohr, and San Francisco journalist Bruce Mirken.

Thorstad, of course, is a life-long pederast and homosexual activist who clearly describes the important linkage between homosexuality and pedophilia. In a speech given before a homosexual group in Mexico in 1998, Thorstad said: “Pederasty is the main form that male homosexuality has acquired throughout Western civilization-and not only in the West. Pederasty is inseparable from the high points of Western culture-ancient Greece and the Renaissance.” (David Thorstad, “Pederasty And Homosexuality,” NAMBLA web site)

Fellow author Professor Richard Mohr, is a homosexual activist who is an advocate for same-sex marriage and has said he hopes that homosexual marriage will remove “monogamy” from marriage altogether. (Stanley Kurtz, “Beyond Gay Marriage,” The Weekly Standard, Aug. 4-11, 2003)

Bruce Mirken is a homosexual and San Francisco journalist who was arrested in 1998 for attempting to have sex with a 13-year-old boy he had contacted through the Internet. When he entered a Sacramento park to sodomize the boy, he was met by police who had been tracking his activities on the Internet. The charges were eventually dropped against him on a technicality.

Sexual Liberation For Children
Thorstad and Professor Mohr want sexual liberation for children and Mirken believes that AIDS activism is what will help perpetuate and strengthen the homosexual movement.

According to David Thorstad, in “The State Of Gay Liberation,” homosexuals must get back to a “radical vision of sexual freedom for all. We need to reaffirm our place in the great variety of same-sex behaviors that exist-have always existed-in human societies. We dare not allow our homosexual gift to be alienated from us by the limited vision, stifling political correctness, and erotophobic provincialism.” In short, homosexuals should openly support the promotion of adult/child sex.

Professor Mohr argues that the use of “gay youth” is a key to gaining political and cultural victories in the U.S. He writes: “…these brave youth are key to culture’s change on gay issues. Thanks to them, increasingly, people know someone for whom being gay is an issue. Thanks to them the gay movement is achieving critical mass.” Bruce Mirken claims that radical AIDS activism is what will save the homosexual movement from decline.

The effort to push adult/child sex isn’t limited to these three homosexual activists. It is part of a larger movement. As author Mary Eberstadt wrote in “Pedophilia Chic: Reconsidered” in The Weekly Standard, (Jan. 1, 2001): “The reason why the public is being urged to reconsider boy pedophilia is that this ‘question,’ settled though it may be in the opinions and laws of the rest of the country, is demonstrably not yet settled within certain parts of the gay rights movement.” Eberstadt notes that as the homosexual movement becomes more mainstream, this “question” about adult/child sex will become more prominent. Homosexuals who desire sex with children will do exactly what the ACLU is doing in Kansas: Destroy all laws banning sex between adults and children.

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Appeals court upholds sex offender ban

Plainfield has won the latest round in the long-running lawsuit filed by a convicted sex offender who was banned from the town’s parks.

The Indiana Court of Appeals today released a 20-page ruling that upholds the town’s 2002 ordinance prohibiting persons on the state registry of sex offenders from going into Plainfield parks and recreation facilities.

While the ban on sex offenders in the parks does have a punitive aspect, the court said it is not unconstitutional, as the plaintiff, identified only as John Doe, tried to claim in his suit.

The appeals court said Plainfield did not violate the portion of the Indiana Constitution that guarantees rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to everyone.

Plainfield Town Manager Rich Carlucci said today that the purpose of the ban on registered sex offenders in the parks is to keep them away from children playing in the park.

The appeals court decision upholds a ruling in March this year by Hendricks Superior Court Judge Robert W. Freese, who had granted summary judgment for Plainfield and upheld the town’s ordinance.

Doe, a Marion County resident, was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana in filing the suit challenging Plainfield’s ban on sex offenders in the parks.

According to the Court of Appeals, Doe was a convicted sex offender. He also has acquired joint legal custody of his minor son, according to the court.

Doe and his son visited Plainfield parks and recreation areas in 2004 and 2005, according to the court.

In June 2005, a Plainfield policeman recognized Doe in the Recreation Center and Splash Island. He told Doe of the town ordinance banning anyone on the state’s online registry of convicted sex offenders from being in the parks.

Doe sued Plainfield in November 2005, which began nearly three years of twists and turns in the legal case.

In one key step, Doe won a controversial court ruling to keep his identity secret in the legal proceeding even though he is listed publicly on the state registry of sex offenders.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte