Larry D. Goff – Repeat Sex Offender with Enabling Wife

In the past year, records show that deputies have gone to Goff’s home about 15 times. Once, authorities accused him of choking his wife, slamming her onto a bed and punching her in the face.

A registered sex offender crept into an elderly woman’s home and tried to molest her early Monday, deputies say.

Investigators found a latex glove at the woman’s home, in the Tri-Par Estates mobile home park, and arrested Larry D. Goff about 4:30 a.m.

Deputies say the woman, 75, was awakened by a hand creeping up her nightgown, and recognized her attacker as Goff, who also lives in the mobile home park, deputies said.

She screamed and he ran.

When deputies confronted Goff, he was sweaty and wearing the same clothes — a black T-shirt and black shorts — that the woman said her attacker wore.

Deputies say they found a pair of black boots in his closet, still wet. A box of latex gloves was in a bathroom cabinet in the home. Goff was charged with attempted sexual battery.

The woman, whose identity is being withheld by the Herald-Tribune because of the nature of the crime, was shaken but unhurt. She left her home to stay with family members.

“It’s awful what he did,” said a son-in-law from New Hampshire. “Just sickening.”

Goff, 47, has arrests dating back to the 1980s for burglary, assault and drug possession.

In 1991, he was charged with raping a woman. Details of that case were not immediately available. But the charge landed Goff on Florida’s sex offender database, which requires offenders to register with law enforcement and alert neighbors about their past when they move.

Goff’s wife, Judith, says that Tri-Par residents have fought with the couple since they moved there about five years ago.

The park has a 55-and-older age restriction, and neighbors tried to have Goff evicted because of the age requirements — and his criminal history, his wife said.

Judith Goff said she was at home asleep and her husband was in bed next to her when the break-in occurred.

Goff, who is out of work and collects disability payments, took medicine for depression and went to sleep about 2:30 a.m., his wife says.

Judith Goff said she woke up when police banged on the door and her husband was still in bed. She said she does not believe he attacked the neighbor and thinks the charge is a conspiracy brought by Tri-Par residents who want Goff to move out.

Judith Goff, 65, won her dispute with the park and her husband was allowed to stay because her name is on the mortgage. Since then, though, Judith Goff says her neighbors have made her life “a living hell.”

“Nothing but trouble,” she said. “They have nothing better to do than meddle in our lives, gossip about Larry because of his past. I’m just so sick and tired of it.”

Larry Goff is being held without bail at Sarasota County jail.

In the past year, records show that deputies have gone to Goff’s home about 15 times. Once, authorities accused him of choking his wife, slamming her onto a bed and punching her in the face.

She later called the fight a disagreement and prosecutors dropped a criminal charge against him.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte
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  1. This state of Florida case against Larry Goff is finally taking place today 7/6/09. I am the victim’s son-in-law from NH and am hoping our family will be in your prayers today.

    The wife is Goff’s only alibis and my mother-in-law was not the only victim in this elderly park. Judith Wilson (wife) knew about the other attacks too. There should be some penalty for Threadbare Alibis.

    Enabling is sometimes the same as obstructing justice!

  2. Well no punishment for Goff’s lying and enabling wife Judith Wilson or for Tri Par Estates (the Sarasota Elderly Park who allowed this underage sex offender live there) but Larry Goff got life without parole. Justice Lives in Sarasota!

  3. You are a moron. What Sarah Tofte SAID was: “recidivism rates for sex offenders are far lower than most people believe — authoritative studies show that three out of four do not re-offend within 15 years of release from prison.”


    • If authoritative studies show that three out of four do not re-offend within 15 years that means that one of four do. That is 25%. Therefore………”25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

      So, I didn’t misquote her I simply paraphrased her and disabled her attempt to minimize the recidivism rate.

      And –

      According to the “authoritative study” Sarah Tofte quoted, not only do we know that 25% re-offend within 15 years, we also know that 80% of child sexual abuse goes unreported therefore the rate is much higher than 25%. In fact the author of the “authoritative study” Dr. Karl Hansen says that after 20 years 30 to 40% are caught again with a NEW sex crime. That is the ones who are CAUGHT. When you consider that the majority goes unreported Dr. Hansen believes that the true recidivism rate is higher than 50%.

      According to the authoritative study and all that.

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