Proactively ridding Facebook of babyrapers

A mother of three said she worries daily about her kids’ safety, especially with sex offenders living nearby. So she’s doing something about it after being inspired by a story on News Journal sister station, WKYC in Cleveland.

The woman, 29, saw Eric Mansfield’s series on a convicted child molester in Akron who set up a Facebook profile, something the social network now prohibits.

Facebook deleted the man’s profile within minutes of being contacted by WKYC.

“Mary,” not her real name, wanted to see if offenders living near her family in Kent are also on Facebook, which allows those with profiles to “friend” each other and then share photos, emails and instant messaging.

Mary entered her address on the Portage County Sheriff’s Web site and learned the names and addresses of the sex offenders living near her.

She then entered those names one at a time on Facebook and has matched four sex offenders ā€” all of whom were convicted of abusing underage girls ā€” with active Facebook profiles.

“Kind of shocking and sick ā€” just more access to kids,” she said. “You’d think Facebook could make some kind of way to check to see better if sex offenders were on there.”

After deleting one man’s profile, Facebook’s Simon Axton said, “Protecting our users, especially the many children who use our site, has always been a top priority for Facebook. We have been working proactively with states’ attorneys general to run their lists of registered sex offenders against our user base.”

Calls to the Portage County Sex Offender unit were not immediately returned.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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