Mark Dean Grassi – Repeat Sex Offender – Babysitting Molester – Wasn’t listed on Registry!

A registered sex offender is accused of sexually assaulting three girls he baby-sat at his Brooklyn Center apartment complex and taking pornographic photos of one of the girls.

Mark Dean Grassi, 51, who also goes by the name Roland Rondel Campbell, was charged Thursday with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree criminal sexual conduct and possession of child pornography.

Authorities are still investigating whether there are other victims. They sent a letter to residents of the Earle Brown Farm apartment complex about Grassi’s arrest.

A woman who lives in the complex told police that Grassi, who had been a caretaker at the apartment, baby-sat her children and they called him “Grandpa,” according to the charges. He had used her digital camera and when he returned it, she found two pictures of a naked young child. She recognized the child as her 2-year-old daughter because of a scratch and birthmark, the charges said.

The woman’s 11-year-old daughter later said Grassi molested her and asked to take pictures of her. Another 11-year-old girl who lived in the apartment told police that Grassi inappropriately touched her while she was in a bathing suit and that she had seen him molesting the 2-year-old girl while he changed her diaper, the charges said.

After an initial search of Grassi’s computers, investigators said they found about 200 images of naked girls appearing to be between the ages of 5 and 12. Grassi told police that he took pictures of one of the girls and that he had “pictures that he shouldn’t have,” according to the charges.

Grassi was required to register as a Level 1 sex offender because of a conviction involving a 4-year-old girl he baby-sat in the early ’90s. Brooklyn Center Police Chief Scott Bechthold said residents of the apartment complex were not notified about Grassi’s prior conviction because Level 1 sex offender information is not public. He said Grassi had completed regular compliance checks.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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