Harold David Smeltzer – Repeat Sex Offender – Murderer – BEWARE

New freedoms have been granted to a convicted child killer and pedophile who is now allowed to leave his Regina halfway house without an escort.

In its report released today, the National Parole Board says Harold David Smeltzer must stay away from children in parks, swimming pools, schools and other gathering places “because of your expanded privileges to the community.”

The new conditions were imposed Monday, half a year after Smeltzer was granted day parole. The board extended his day parole for another six months.

Smeltzer is serving a life sentence for murdering his five-year-old Calgary neighbour Kimberley Thompson in 1980. He admitted to raping and exposing himself to 40 girls and women during a five-year reign of terror in a southwest Calgary neighbourhood.

Smeltzer is a pedophile with an anti-social personality disorder, according to the parole board.

Is he still a pedophile with an anti-social personality disorder?

Smeltzer served 28 years in a Prince Albert prison and its minimum security Riverbend Institution before becoming eligible for day parole six months ago.

Before Monday’s decision, Smeltzer was not permitted to leave the halfway house unless he was accompanied by a parole officer or an escort.

“Police were apprised of every outing,” the board wrote in its June 1 report.

“You ostensibly posed no concerns and you have now been giving expanded access to the community and are allowed to leave the facility without escort.”

There have been no incidents with Smeltzer in the past six months, according to the Regina Police Service.

He continues to receive psychological counselling. Smeltzer does not have a job, but completes chores at the halfway house.

The National Parole Board granted Smeltzer day parole last December because he “impressed as aware and genuinely remorseful for (his) tragic choices in your past,” the board wrote in its decision.

The parole board’s decision has been met with anger from politicians, the public, victims, and Kimberley’s grieving mother.

“I was sick, my heart just sunk again. He should be in jail,” said Evelyn Thompson. She was contacted by the parole board about the news on Tuesday.

One of Smeltzer’s child rape victims says her attacker’s added conditions are worrisome.

“I would think that if I lived in the community I would be watching his every move,” said Monique, who cannot be identified because she is a victim of sexual assault.

*****Monique was in Grade 5 when she was sexually assaulted in a garage after Smeltzer grabbed her off a Calgary street in 1978.

*****Two years later, Smeltzer murdered five-year-old Kimberley Thompson, a little girl he knew from his neighbourhood.

*****On Jan. 24, 1980, Smeltzer abducted the girl on an Altadore street intending to sexually assault her. He later drowned her and stuffed her body into a garbage bag.

For five months, Smeltzer walked free, even as suspicion turned to the little girl’s own mother.

*****After an 11-year-old rape victim spotted Smeltzer walking on a street, police arrested him. He confessed to Kimberley’s killing and later admitted attacking up to 40 girls and women during his reign of terror between 1975 and 1980.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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