William Ploof – Repeat Sex Offender – Pedophile Apologist Scumbag tries to help him escape

Convicted child molester William Ploof is no longer dangerous, his expert witness told jurors yesterday, because he’s now attracted to teenage boys – not children – and has not been disciplined in prison for pedophiliac behaviors.


And while Dr. Luis Rosell gave Ploof, 49, the same high score as a state expert on a recidivism test, Rosell said the results can’t be trusted in Ploof’s case because older offenders are less likely to reoffend and the test didn’t consider Ploof’s age.

Rosell, a psychologist from Iowa who often testifies for sex offenders, also said Ploof’s sexual pursuits behind bars are signs of therapeutic improvement even though they violate prison rules.

“From a treatment perspective, it can show that he’s accepting being with people his own age as opposed to younger individuals,” Rosell said.


Prosecutor Michael Valentine of the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office challenged those conclusions vigorously during cross-examination, especially Rosell’s reliance on Ploof’s own claims of rehabilitation as important evidence.

Valentine noted that Ploof told one victim in 1991 he wouldn’t offend again but did, and he told another victim in 1996 he was a changed man. “Those (statements) weren’t true, were they?” Valentine asked Rosell. “No,” Rosell replied.

Ploof, who has claimed to have between 20 and 50 sexual assault victims, completed a 10-year sentence in 2007 for sexually assaulting a young boy in 1993 and 1997. But he remains in prison pending trial under the state’s new sexually violent predator law. He’s the first person to be tried under the new law, and much rests on the jury’s verdict.

Ploof will be freed if jurors believe, as Rosell said yesterday, that Ploof has changed in prison and is no longer dangerous. If they decide instead that he’s likely to commit more acts of sexual violence, Ploof will remain incarcerated for at least five more years for additional treatment.

Jurors, four men and eight women, are expected to begin deliberating tomorrow afternoon following closing arguments.

During four days of testimony, jurors have heard about Ploof’s criminal history, his many other assaults that were never charged and his failed attempts at sex offender treatment in prison. He quit the first time after three months because he was overwhelmed and anxious, according to prison records. He was kicked out the second time after almost six months for grabbing another inmate sexually.

With Rosell’s testimony yesterday, jurors have also now heard both sides’ mental health experts offer divergent views on Ploof’s likelihood of reoffending.

That question will be significant in their deliberations because the law says Ploof should remain incarcerated for treatment if he suffers from a mental abnormality that makes him unable to control himself and likely to commit more acts of sexual violence.

Dr. Eric Mart testified for the state last week that Ploof still suffers from pedophilia, even though he’s assaulted more teenage boys than underage children. Using the Static-99, a standard test, Mart put Ploof’s likelihood of reoffending within 10 years at between 30 and 48 percent.

The test considers an offender’s victims – their age, number, gender and whether they are known to the offender. It also asks whether an offender has been in a consensual intimate relationship for at least two years.

Mart and Rosell both gave Ploof an eight, a ranking associated with the 30 to 48 percent recidivism rate. Both got there using Ploof’s criminal, prison and treatment records and their own interviews with Ploof.

But Rosell came to vastly different conclusions about Ploof’s score on the recidivism test, his behavior in prison and his likely behavior after prison.

Ploof was a pedophile when he came to prison, Rosell said, but he’s not one now. That’s because he now denies sexual interest in underage children and has not been found fantasizing about or pursuing children in prison, Rosell said.

Specifically, he hasn’t been disciplined for cutting pictures of children out of magazines or watching movies starring children, Rosell said. “Just to think that because they are locked up and there are no children around, a person does not have access to objects like that would not be an accurate statement,” Rosell said.

Rosell also took a less pessimistic view of Ploof’s failed efforts to complete sex offender treatment.

He said Ploof spent about a year in treatment during his two efforts, which totaled about eight months. He benefited from what treatment he did get, Rosell said. Ploof told Rosell before trial that he has learned to respect other people’s boundaries and realizes now that his sexual assaults cause real pain for his victims. He also knows it’s dangerous for him to isolate and rationalize his assaults, Rosell said.

Mart and Rosell both gave Ploof an eight, a ranking associated with the 30 to 48 percent recidivism rate. Both got there using Ploof’s criminal, prison and treatment records and their own interviews with Ploof.

“It’s like someone who goes to high school two or three years but doesn’t get a diploma,” Rosell said. “Did they not learn anything?”

Rosell also said he was encouraged by the “realistic” plan Ploof has for life after prison. He has a list of possible employers, residences that accept sex offenders and out-patient treatment centers, Rosell said. And he’s saved about $800 from his prison jobs.

Mart and Rosell both gave Ploof an eight, a ranking associated with the 30 to 48 percent recidivism rate. Both got there using Ploof’s criminal, prison and treatment records and their own interviews with Ploof.

Rosell said that effort shows Ploof is committed to a new life. “By having housing, work and treatment set up, that will only make things smoother when he comes back to the community,” Rosell said.

During his cross-examination, Valentine challenged Rosell’s conclusion that Ploof has recovered from pedophilia or that he’s committed to further treatment.

Ploof rejected treatment in prison, Valentine said, until after the state passed the new sex offender law that he’s now fighting.

Valentine also pressed Rosell on how realistic Ploof’s plan for life out of prison is given that he has just $800 in his bank account. Rosell said the plan is a key part to Ploof’s recovery.

The treatment he intends to try runs about $120 a month, and rent is at least double that, Valentine said. Rosell said he didn’t look into the cost of rent. Under questioning from Valentine, Rosell said he also didn’t realize that some of the housing on Ploof’s list is near Manchester schools and parks.

“Did you ask him what he’d do when his money ran out?” Valentine asked Rosell.

“No,” Rosell said.


“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

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Mart and Rosell both gave Ploof an eight, a ranking associated with the 30 to 48 percent recidivism rate. Both got there using Ploof’s criminal, prison and treatment records and their own interviews with Ploof.

Robert Bledsoe – 3 time – Repeat Sex Offender – Tries to Entice child

A man with previous molestation convictions was in court today, accused of trying to entice a child.

Robert Bledsoe is accused of trying to entice the child on Flintstone Drive in Harrison on May 12th. Bledsoe’s attorney says his client did talk to the child. But he says there was no attempted enticement.

Prosecutors say Bledsoe has three previous convictions for molesting children in Indiana. He’s held on $15,000 bond.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Alfred Balcuns – Repeat Sex Offender – Child Molester

Alfred Balcuns, 51, of Montauk was arrested on Friday, May 22, at 3:28 p.m. at 15 Fenwick Place in Montauk and charged with sexual abuse in the first degree for alleged sexual contact with a child under 11, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child under 17, a misdemeanor.

The incident occurred at Hither Hills Beach in Montauk on Saturday, May 16, East Hampton Town Police said. The father of the victim, a boy under the age of 11, was nearby but unaware of the contact between Mr. Balcuns and his son, Detective Sergeant Chris Anderson said. The boy told his parents what had happened soon after it occurred and the boy’s father reported the incident to police on Sunday, May 17, Det. Sgt. Anderson said. The victim was not related to Mr. Balcuns, according to police.

Police said they interviewed the child and his parents and submitted all documents related to the investigation to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office of domestic violence and child abuse, which then presented the evidence to a grand jury, which indicted Mr. Balcuns.

“The testimony of the victim was pivotal in the proceedings against him,” Det. Sgt. Anderson said.

On Friday, May 22, East Hampton Town Police received the warrant and arrested Mr. Balcuns, a landscaper, while he was at work. He was turned over to Suffolk County Police and held in county jail when he could not post bail.

Mr. Balcuns was previously convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree on March 13, 2001, according to the National Sex Offender Registry.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

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Dick Head – Twisted Pedophile – Given Unconditional Bail by Scumbag Judge

A PAEDOPHILE who has admitted possessing and distributing child pornography has been warned by a judge that he could go to prison.

Richard Head, aged 54, of Trinity Close, Bere Alston, pleaded guilty to 13 charges yesterday at Plymouth Crown Court.

They included eight charges of making indecent photos of children between December 2004 and October 2007. The images were in categories one to four, five being the most serious.

Head also pleaded guilty to four counts of distributing indecent pictures of children in categories one to three and one count of possessing indecent photos of children in categories one to four.

Judge Francis Gilbert QC ordered Head to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register immediately. TIN.adverts.adWriteDC(‘article-detail-impact-tile’, ‘452×118’); Click here for more

He granted him unconditional bail, but warned Head he was ‘at risk of custody’ when he is sentenced on July 10.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Wilfred Creighton – Pedophile Scumbag – Confesses to 30 victims

A West Side man whom detectives said confessed to raping as many as 30 local boys pleaded and was sentenced Monday.

Wilfred Creighton, 47, pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, four counts of gross sexual imposition, and one count each of importuning and pandering obscenity involving minors.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison in a Franklin County Common Pleas courtroom. He had faced a maximum of 32 years behind bars.

Creighton, of Union Avenue, was arrested in February 2007 for allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover deputy posing as a teen online.

That was when detectives said he confessed to molesting as many as 30 local boys since the early ’80s.

Detectives said that investigation led to the discovery of child pornography in his home, some of which was homemade.

He was charged with the rape and gross sexual imposition of three neighborhood juvenile victims in January 2008.

Teen haunted by abuse pictures posted online 8 years ago

TAMPA – The girl was 6 years old when the unthinkable happened. Her uncle sexually abused her and captured the crime with a still camera and videotape. He posted the pictures on the Internet for all to see.

Now, eight years later, that girl is getting ready to enter high school, but her horrific past continues to haunt her. Her story was front and center at a meeting this morning of the Florida Attorney General’s Child Predator Cybercrimes Task Force.

Representatives from 15 law enforcement agencies gathered to share success stories and hear from the parents of the young victim. Her stepmother and father say she is an A student, despite what happened. Still, a trip to the mall can be en eerie event as she wonders whether the man eating at a table has seen her sexually explicit pictures and recognizes her.

The girl’s family said it receives an e-mail notification every time her images are downloaded, which adds to her worries.

“Every time that she knows that her image was downloaded, she re-enacts the whole event. And that is almost as bad or worse that the original act itself,” said her father, whom TBO.com is not identifying due to the nature of the crime.

The Cybercrimes task force will be a year old in July and has made more than 30 arrests of men who stalked young people in the Internet.

“Every predator we take off the street, that’s a potential one less predator that can actually go out and offend on a child,” said Lt. Michael Baute, who helped put the task force together.

Hearing from the parents of the abused child, Baute said, helps motivate his team members to make more cases.

Gregory Kapordelis – Appeals court upholds Pedophile Sentence

A federal appeals court has upheld the 35-year prison sentence of a former Gainesville doctor convicted of child pornography.

Gregory Kapordelis, an anesthesiologist, was convicted in May 2007 of six counts of downloading child pornography and using boys to produce pornographic pictures between 2001 and 2004.

Among other claims, Kapordelis argued that the warrant for a search of his home, which yielded numerous computer images, was invalid because it was based on claims that he had molested boys in St. Petersburg, Russia. The initial charge, that he had traveled abroad to have sex with children, was later dropped.

A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected that and other arguments by Karpodelis in an opinion Monday.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Randy-Jay Jones – Already a Repeat Sex Offender – NonCompliant Sex Offender

Sex Offender Laws are in place for a reason.
Comply, or go to jail, it’s that simple.

A convicted sex offender on the lam since being released from prison in March is back in Lancaster County Prison after he was arrested late last week.

Randy-Jay Jones, 31, served a 17-month sentence for a bizarre 2007 robbery in Lancaster city in which he sexually assaulted a woman, took her cell phone and later asked for a ransom.

As part of County Judge Dennis E. Reinaker’s sentence, Jones was to register as a Megan’s Law offender for 10 years and serve 7 years’ probation.

Lancaster city police Detective Andrew Morgan said Jones had been giving false addresses since he was released. Megan’s Law offenders are required to provide their address upon release from prison.

“He stated he was at one address, but went to another. Basically, just playing with the system,” Morgan said Monday.

Jones was arrested Friday on a probation violation, and Morgan charged him with failure to comply with registration requirements. Bail was set at $100,000.

The felony charge carries a mandatory minimum 2-year prison sentence upon conviction.

“Any offender who fails to follow the guidelines … they are going to be held accountable,” Morgan said.

Jones was locked up on robbery charges for the city heist in March 2007. He pulled a Philadelphia woman from her car, fondled her and stole her purse, police said.

The woman’s cell phone was in the purse, so police asked her to call it. She did, and Jones answered.

He requested a $185,000 ransom for the return of the phone.

Jones’ lawyer later argued in court that his client was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Eventually, Jones agreed to a $200 ransom and planned to meet the woman on Harrisburg Pike. Police met Jones there instead and took him into custody.

In November 2008, Jones was found guilty of robbery, indecent assault and other offenses.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

Ronald Eugene Bernal – Child Sexual Abuser – Turned in by wife

A Susanville, Calif., man was booked into a Reno jail on federal child pornography charges after his wife found a digital memory card with the images and turned him into authorities.

Ronald Eugene Bernal, 47, was booked last week into the Washoe County Jail on a federal charge of child pornography. He was scheduled his first court appearance Monday afternoon in federal court in Reno.

Authorities allege the crimes occurred in Lassen County, Calif., sometime on or before June 2008.

According to a criminal complaint, Bernal’s wife did not immediately tell authorities that she found 43 images of minor girls on a digital memory card. Instead she made him promise to go to counseling in lieu of her making the report.

But when she learned last week he had only gone to at least one session with a local pastor in the two weeks since she confronted him, she gave the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office the memory card.

Authorities said the photos on the disk included photos of Bernal’s hand — identified from his watch — allegedly assaulting his wife’s young relative and another girl familiar to Bernal. He told his wife he downloaded the rest of the dozens of child pornography images from the Internet.

The complaint said Bernal’s wife also let authorities tape record two conversations she had with Bernal, where he admitted to the crimes.

His wife found the disk after it fell out of his jacket and she reviewed what was on it, the complaint said.

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Following America’s lead: Getting tough on Child Molesters

The phone call to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was unusual. The caller, who refused to identify himself, asked Putin to crack down on pedophiles and then quickly hung up.

Putin, who took the call during a televised call-in show in December, promised to toughen penalties for people who sexually abuse children and pointed to State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov, who happened to be in the studio at the moment, as the man who would spearhead the legislative effort.

The spontaneity of the call is disputable. Putin’s staff preselects all calls to his call-in shows, and media reports have suggested that the staff orchestrated some of the calls on that December day.

But one thing is for sure. Since the call, the government has adopted a harder line on child abuse — at least in words.

On Monday, International Child Protection Day, Kremlin supporters campaigned heavily against child abuse. Senior officials with United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party that Putin and Gryzlov co-head, held a Moscow round-table on measures to prevent child abuse. Young Guard, the party’s youth branch, held street rallies in 45 cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, to educate children about ways to protect themselves from abuse, the group said on its web site. Another pro-Kremlin youth group, Nashi, held a rally against pedophiles in Moscow.

Statistics on sex crimes against children are scarce. The number of children who were nonviolently sexually abused by adults increased sevenfold from 2003 to 2007 to 5,405, according to legislation under consideration in the Duma that would make good on Putin’s promise for tougher penalties on child abusers.

In 2007, the most recent year that statistics are available for, 8,805 children were victims of violent sexual abuse, the legislation says.

Meanwhile, the number of criminal cases involving suspected pedophiles that were sent to court grew from 35 in 2003 to 351 in 2006, it said. The figures do not indicate, however, how many suspects were involved and how many were convicted.

But even a conviction does not necessarily mean that a child abuser will serve much time in prison. In March, a former United Russia lawmaker with the Perm regional legislature, Igor Pastukhov, won early release after being convicted of raping a boy. Pastukhov had spent three years in prison after being sentenced to six, and his release on parole stirred up anger in Perm. Regional prosecutors said his release was legal.

Curiously, the former lawmaker was freed just days after President Dmitry Medvedev ordered law enforcement agencies to step up their efforts to prevent child abuse. “Proper work to prevent the most terrible and cynical crimes in this area can only be done through the combined efforts of all of society,” Medvedev said at the meeting at his Gorki residence outside Moscow.

Medvedev said Russia needed “a system of childhood protection” that included new legislation, measures to prevent child abuse and social services to care for abused children.

Russia’s current system of fighting child sex crimes is ineffective, especially when compared to that of the United States, Russian and U.S. experts concurred at a recent conference on fighting child sexual abuse.

“It is typical for a pedophile to get three or four years or a suspended sentence, and when they get out, they are not controlled in any way,” Vladimir Ovchinsky, adviser to the chief judge of the Constitutional Court, told the April 20 conference, which was organized by the Public Chamber.

In the United States, in contrast, an Atlanta doctor arrested in 2004 on suspicion of traveling to Russia to have sex with boys and later convicted on separate child sex charges received 35 years in prison, said Alexandra Gelber, a lawyer with the U.S. Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section.

Gelber also told the conference that convicted U.S. offenders usually are monitored by authorities for the rest of their lives and restricted in their contact with children.

“If a criminal violates any of these rules, they will go back to jail,” she said.

Duma deputies are considering legislation that would extend the maximum prison sentence for people convicted of nonviolent sexual abuse of children from the current four years to 10. The bill would bar a convicted offender from working with children for 20 years instead of the current five.

A separate bill would extend the maximum prison terms for producers, dealers and buyers of child pornography from eight to 15 years. The bill also introduces a legal definition of child pornography.

A third bill would bar such convicts from applying for early release, a right which many prisoners have after serving half of their terms.

The Duma is scheduled to consider the bill on early release in a first reading this month. The other bills have not been placed on the agenda yet.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte