Brian Tomkinson – Repeat Sex Offender – Grooming Child Predator

A LEEDS mum whose life was ripped apart by a paedophile rapist has spoken out about her ordeal to encourage more victims to come forward.

Maxine Foy was sexually abused and raped by Brian Tomkinson, 75, of Belle Isle, from the age of just six.

Now 25, Mrs Foy is urging other victims to come forward after Tomkinson was jailed for 10 years at Leeds Crown Court.

The mum-of-five was one of two victims who gave evidence in the week-long trial last month. She says it marked the end of a long, harrowing journey and has waived her right to anonymity in a bid to tell her story.

She said that, as a child, she would often to go to Tomkinson’s house to play.

“My mum was best friends with his wife and they’d do stuff together. When she wasn’t in, I would stay with him doing the garden and things like that. He would offer me biscuits and ice cream.”

The abuse took place between 1989 and 1993. “I remember the day vividly. All I got was a question. He said: ‘Are you all right to….’ I said yes; I didn’t know what he was on about. He just gave me a kiss on my cheek like my dad would. That day he took me upstairs and we sat on the bed. It was like he was testing me to see how far I would go. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was six.”

She describes how the sexual abuse became progressively worse – and always took place while his wife was out.

“Until I started sex education at school I didn’t know what had gone on. I suddenly realised and it sunk in what he had done. I thought my friends might laugh at me because I had let this man do these things and I had kept going back to his house.”

Mrs Foy stopped going back to the house when she reached 10 – after he had raped her. She says she carried guilt with her and never even told her husband Lee, 28, until two years ago.

“I’d seen these two girls going into his house. I thought they cannot sleep there, I have to stop this, ” she said.

She told her health visitor who reported it to the police. “The police already had a complaint about him but didn’t have enough evidence. CID took my notes and found the previous complaint from the other girl. I didn’t even know that there was someone else.”

Tomkinson was charged with four counts of rape and 11 of indecent assault.

Mrs Foy says the trial was horrific as she and the other victim had to be cross examined. Both were in floods of tears reliving the horror and the other victim was even physically sick in court.

She added: “But it was worth it. If there are victims out there I would say – speak out. If they have been hurt by him, they must contact police. You must speak out, you are not alone.”

Tomkinson was disqualified from working with children and was put on the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Inspector Paul Smith, said: “We want to commend the bravery of the women who have come forward in this case and hope they will now have some sense of closure.

“If there are any other victims out there we are not aware of we would ask them to come forward and speak to us on 0845 606 0606.”

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years” ………Sarah Tofte

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