Jeffrey Brisson – BoyChat Pedophile – sentenced to 45 years – Raped 3 month old

BoyChat BabyRaper

One of two men charged last year with raping several children, including a 3-month-old girl, was sentenced today to 45 years in prison and 25 years of special parole.

Once he completes his sentence, Jeffrey Brisson, 31, will be required to register as a sex offender for life. It was among a host of parole conditions set by the judge.

Relatives of the victims did not attend the proceeding in Superior Court in New Britain.

Brisson thought the sentence was harsh because people don’t understand sexual fascination with children, his public defender, Ken Simon, said.

“This was a very difficult case. I feel sad for him because he was victim as a child and that is very typical,” Simon said.

Brisson pleaded guilty in March to seven counts of first-degree sexual assault and three of risk of injury to a child. His roommate, Harold Spurling, is on the trial list, according to court records.

Police started investigating the two men in early January 2008 after receiving an anonymous tip that pedophiles were sharing an apartment on Washington Street.

Police searched their apartment and found child pornography on their computer. They also found a 3-month-old girl in the apartment and a video of one of the suspects sexually assaulting her, police said.

Jeffrey Brisson, AKA Edward Buzzard AKA The Night Raven AKA tnraven is a longtime BoyChat member, longtime member and Co-Webmaster of Common Ground and a LifeLine volunteer. He has lived with Aztram, another well-known BoyChat poster, for about 7 years.

The Night Raven is not especially choosy when it comes to boys or girls – he likes them both. His age of attraction is 2 – 6 for boys, and 3 – 8 for girls. However, he does admit that he is 89% a little boy lover, and 11% a little girl lover.

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