Joseph Coonrod – Repeat Sex Offender – Multiple Victims

A Washington C.H. man who less than a year ago was convicted of making sexual contact with a 9-year-old girl has been indicted again, this time for making sexual contact with a 5-year-old girl.

Joseph Coonrod, 34, was arraigned Tuesday in Fayette County Common Pleas Court on a charge of gross sexual imposition, a felony of the third degree. The alleged sexual conduct occurred from March 1, 2007 through June 23, 2007.

“The reason he wasn’t indicted earlier is because the victim just recently disclosed the information,” said Fayette County Assistant Prosecutor Kristina Rooker.

In July 2008, Coonrod was sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to gross sexual imposition with the 9-year-old victim. The sentence was part of a plea agreement with the prosecution.

“If not for the agreement between the state and the defense, this is not a sentence the court would have given if the matter was tried by a jury of if there was a plea entered without an agreement,” Judge Steven Beathard said at the sentencing hearing on July 7, 2008. “Mr. Coonrod, I hope I don’t see you again and you better hope you don’t see me again.”

Yet Judge Beathard did see Coonrod again yesterday at his arraignment hearing, where the judge appointed a public defender as Coonrod’s attorney and set his bond at $25,000. Coonrod’s trial date is set for July 30.

Coonrod, dressed in inmate clothing, told Judge Beathard that he was released from prison in April. He didn’t serve a full year in prison because he was given credit for time he had already served in the Fayette County Jail before being sentenced.

Coonrod’s last sex offense was sometime between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15, 2007 when he was staying with a friend in Fayette County. While his friend was asleep in a chair, Coonrod touched the friend’s daughter inappropriately. Following the incident, the girl told Fayette County Children Services.

According to Children Services, Coonrod “has been an alleged perpetrator with different victims but this is the first time he admitted to doing anything.” Children Services also reported that Coonrod is “limited mentally.”

In reaching an agreement with Coonrod, the prosecution considered Coonrod’s lack of criminal record, the facts and circumstances of the case and the possibility of a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea by Coonrod.

The details of Coonrod’s newest indictment have not been released by authorities.

Coonrod, of 94 Jamison Road, Lot 6, is a Tier II sex offender, which means he must register with the county sheriff every 180 days for a period of 25 years. He must register any change of residential address, place of employment, or enrollment in a school or institution of higher education.

Coonrod is being held in the Fayette County Jail.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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