Cecil Cockrel – Repeat Sex Offender – Suspected of murdering 10 year old

THE prime suspect in the murder of missing Saldanha Bay 10-year-old, Montesha Kekana, is a convicted sex offender who was granted parole only two months ago, the DA said yesterday.

Cecil Cockrel, 32, was released from prison in March, reportedly despite warnings by his social worker that he was a threat to society, said the party’s Ross van de Linde.

“[Cockrel] is a repeat offender who raped a child in 2007 and was let out on parole just two months ago,” Van de Linde said.

“This shows that repeat offenders cannot be allowed out of prison on parole or bail as they are a danger to society,” he said.

Police spokeswoman Captain Bernadine Steyn said Montesha was last seen walking with the suspect from her home in the Iraq informal settlement, north of Saldanha Bay, towards the Tabak Bay area.

A search was launched in the sea near Tabak Bay by the National Sea Rescue Institute and the police diving unit on Thursday night.

Police found the girl’s shoes in Cockrel’s possession soon after she was reported missing on Thursday evening.

Police said that though the girl had not been found, investigators believed they had enough evidence to charge the man with murder.

“We are in possession of evidence that she might have been murdered and that implicates the suspect,” said Steyn.

Cockrel appeared in the Vredenburg Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning.

The case was postponed to Tuesday next week.

Steyn said that more charges might be added.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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