Cecil Cockrel – Repeat Sex Offender – Suspected of murdering 10 year old

THE prime suspect in the murder of missing Saldanha Bay 10-year-old, Montesha Kekana, is a convicted sex offender who was granted parole only two months ago, the DA said yesterday.

Cecil Cockrel, 32, was released from prison in March, reportedly despite warnings by his social worker that he was a threat to society, said the party’s Ross van de Linde.

“[Cockrel] is a repeat offender who raped a child in 2007 and was let out on parole just two months ago,” Van de Linde said.

“This shows that repeat offenders cannot be allowed out of prison on parole or bail as they are a danger to society,” he said.

Police spokeswoman Captain Bernadine Steyn said Montesha was last seen walking with the suspect from her home in the Iraq informal settlement, north of Saldanha Bay, towards the Tabak Bay area.

A search was launched in the sea near Tabak Bay by the National Sea Rescue Institute and the police diving unit on Thursday night.

Police found the girl’s shoes in Cockrel’s possession soon after she was reported missing on Thursday evening.

Police said that though the girl had not been found, investigators believed they had enough evidence to charge the man with murder.

“We are in possession of evidence that she might have been murdered and that implicates the suspect,” said Steyn.

Cockrel appeared in the Vredenburg Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning.

The case was postponed to Tuesday next week.

Steyn said that more charges might be added.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Ralph Hawker – Repeat Sex Offender – Pedophile Blame Gamer held in Civil Commitment

As the hearing came to a close, he took his lawyer’s advice and told the judge he would not testify on his own behalf.

Then he leaned over and whispered to Berry. Because he is almost deaf, his words were audible to everyone in the courtroom: “If I don’t go home, it’s your fault.”

He’s the state’s oldest living sexually violent predator, but who is the real Ralph Hawker?

To some, he’s an infirm World War II veteran who will turn 90 in September and uses a wheelchair because of the effects of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid and heart disease.

To others, he is a pedophile who, despite his age, would continue to prey on young boys if given the opportunity.

“I don’t think anybody’s concerned about [Hawker] putting on his Nikes and running down the street chasing kids,” Palm Beach Circuit Judge Chuck Burton said at a court hearing May 18 to decide whether the convicted pedophile should be released from a civil commitment center where he has been locked up since 2000.

“But he’s stubborn as hell,” Burton said. “What do you do with somebody with an attitude like that?”

You leave him in Arcadia’s Florida Civil Commitment Center, Burton ruled Thursday.

“If he were in the company of a young teenage boy whom he deemed to be consenting to sexual activity, this Court has no doubt that Hawker would offer sexual gratification to the boy,” Burton wrote in his order. “He sees nothing wrong with it as long as the child had participated in some type of sexual activity previously.”

In 1988, Hawker was sentenced to 10 years of probation for molesting two pre-teen boys, one of them a relative.

Just before the sentence ended, Hawker violated the terms of his probation by being in the company of an unsupervised minor. He was imprisoned.

As his 2000 release date approached, the state began proceedings to have Hawker committed under Florida’s Jimmy Ryce Act. Since 1999, the Ryce Act has allowed the indefinite civil commitment of sex offenders after they have completed their prison terms.

In 2005, a Palm Beach County jury found Hawker to be a sexually violent predator — the required designation to commit someone to the center. He has been locked up there since then.

He is one of 677 residents at the center, according to state Department of Children & Families. He is the oldest resident, one of 25 men age 70 or older.

In a written statement to the Sun Sentinel, a facility spokesman said the center can accommodate its elderly residents, who are scattered among the general population.

Officials at the facility are considering developing a 20-bed unit for elderly residents with medical challenges, a criterion Hawker meets.

Assistant Public Defender Scott Berry and a Punta Gorda psychiatrist told the judge that although Hawker still might think sex between men and “consenting” young boys is acceptable, he is no longer physically able to act on his urges.

“A person in Mr. Hawker’s state should already be dead,” Berry argued, citing his client’s health problems.

However, prosecutor Robert Jaegers and a forensic psychologist disagreed. They said Hawker was cited with performing oral sex on another man in 2006.

According to testimony, Hawker has refused any sex offender treatment in the nine years he has been at the facility.

“He seems to think he should get a pass on all this behavior because he’s old,” psychologist Amy Swan testified.

Hawker wanted to move in with friends in South Carolina.

As the hearing came to a close, he took his lawyer’s advice and told the judge he would not testify on his own behalf.

Then he leaned over and whispered to Berry. Because he is almost deaf, his words were audible to everyone in the courtroom: “If I don’t go home, it’s your fault.”

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Thomas Anthony Samuel Burke – Repeat Sex Offender – Psychopathic Scumbag

A registered sex offender has been remanded in custody charged with detaining an elderly pensioner against her will while out on licence from prison earlier this week.
Thomas Anthony Samuel Burke, (49), from Eglinton Terrace in the Bogside, denies unlawfully imprisoning and detaining the woman and robbing her of £180.

Burke was brought before a special sitting of Derry Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning accused of committing the offences in the Lawrence Hill area of the city on Wednesday evening.

The court heard that after bursting into the home of a woman aged in her 80s, Burke grabbed her by the throat and dragged her from room to room while she continued to fight back.

The defendant, who was placed on the Sex Offenders Register in 2003 until 2059, is alleged to have committed the offences when out on licence from prison. He has 98 previous criminal convictions, among them three for rape, one for indecent assault and five for kidnapping, the court was told.

A detective constable told the court that the defendant burst into the woman’s home after she answered a knock on her front door just after 8.30 p.m.

“He grabbed her by the throat and dragged her around the house. He dragged her from room to room and when dragging her upstairs the woman managed to break free. She put up quite a struggle and ran towards the front door in a bid to escape but he grabbed her from behind and slammed the door shut. She continued to fight back”, the police witness said.

The defendant, who denies the charges, was remanded in custody until June 11 to appear in court by video link. District Judge Barney McElholm said the defendant had an horrific record.

“This clearly was a frightening experience for this elderly lady and no doubt she is extremely concerned that attempts may be made to dissuade her from giving evidence. Your record includes convictions for similar offences. You have been identified by this lady and the police are now waiting for forensic evidence. Anyone convicted of these offences, with a record like yours, will be facing an indeterminate sentence”, he said.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte