Kenneth Eugene Jackson – Repeat Sex Offender – Awarded 130 years in prison

An animal who deserves to be buried under the jailhouse.

That’s what a victim’s aunt called convicted child molester Kenneth Eugene Jackson on Wednesday, before a judge sentenced him to 130 years to life in prison.

In March, a Merced County jury convicted the 47-year-old Jackson of eight counts of child molestation and sexual assault, for molesting his two stepdaughters between 2002 and 2007.

In a particularly cruel twist to the crimes, Jackson impregnated the older victim, who delivered the baby when she was only 13 years old. The abuse started when the girls were 9 and 7 years old.

Dressed in a mustard-colored jailhouse uniform, Jackson avoided eye contact with family members of the victims, who were in court for Wednesday’s sentencing hearing.

During the emotional hearing, the victims’ aunt pleaded with Judge Carol Ash to “throw the book” at Jackson, saying both girls have been through an unimaginably traumatic ordeal. The aunt said the older girl required a C-section operation to deliver her baby — and couldn’t walk across the stage for her eighth-grade graduation because she was in the hospital.

“She has that scar for the rest of her life,” she said. “Mentally and physically, (the victims) are torn up. I don’t think they will every get over it.”

The victims’ mother held back tears while speaking to Ash, saying that she cries about it “every other” day. “He took a whole lot from me and my children,” she added.

The pleas of the women didn’t fall on deaf ears. Ash issued a sentence of 130 years to life — which means Jackson will be dead by the time he’s eligible for parole. Ash called the crime “horrific,” particularly because it resulted in a pregnancy.

Sean Howard, Jackson’s attorney, had no comment after the sentencing hearing.

Deputy District Attorney Monique Neese said she’s pleased that Jackson will never be able to hurt another child again. “I think it’s a great day for justice,” Neese said. “There’s nothing that can give back what he took from them.”

Jackson had previously been convicted twice in 2002 of sexual misconduct charges in Jefferson County, Ala.

During the trial in Merced County Superior Court, a criminologist testified that DNA evidence proved that Jackson, compared to any other random human being, is 4.6 billion times more likely to be the father of the older victim’s daughter.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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