Walter S. Robertson – Repeat Sex Offender

A Virginia Beach, Va., man who is classified as a Megan’s Law offender has been charged by state police with possessing child pornography.

According to a state police report, Walter S. Robertson, 33, was charged with a single count of sexual abuse of children.

Trooper Edward Hermick said in the report that state police began investigating in November 2006 when Donald Eisler, a manager at Internet Providers, 413 Hopewell Ave., Hopewell Township, found printed photos of underage girls, one nude and others in various states of undress.

Eisler told state police that he determined that Robertson had used a computer at the business; the report didn’t say whether Robertson worked there.

Hermick said Robertson confessed to Eisler that he had printed photos and had thrown the prints into a trash bin because he didn’t want to keep them.

State police seized the computer Robertson had used and found several picture files of children in “erotic poses” on the computer’s hard drive, Hermick said.

There were also e-mails from an account that Robertson used that had child pornography pictures attached to them, Hermick said. In all, state police said, there were more than 60 pictures of child pornography found.

Hermick said Robertson had moved from Beaver County to Virginia Beach, though the report didn’t state when he moved.

According to state records, Robertson is classified as a Megan’s Law offender in Virginia Beach. The Virginia State Police Web site showed that in December 2005, Robertson was convicted by the U.S. Navy of child pornography possession.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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