Ismael Malave – Repeat Sex Offender – Threatening Victim Backfired

A previously convicted sex offender was sentenced to serve another 10 to 20 years in prison Wednesday for molesting a 6-year-old girl in Nashua nearly six years ago.

Although Ismael Malave, 43, contends he is innocent, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge David Sullivan agreed to let him enter an “Alford” plea on a felony sex assault charge.

Malave’s unwillingness to admit his guilt could cost him an extra 10 years in prison, however. Under current prison policy, at least, Malave won’t be considered eligible for parole until he’s completed the sex offender treatment program, and he won’t be considered eligible for the program until he is willing to admit his guilt.

The girl whom Malave was convicted of molesting attended his sentencing hearing Wednesday along with several family members.

In addition to his conviction for aggravated felonious sexual assault, Malave also pleaded guilty to witness tampering, admitting that he tried to persuade the girl and her mother not to cooperate with prosecutors.

Patricia Benner, the lawyer representing the girl, warned the girl before the hearing that Malave might try to look her way, or even mouth words at her, but assured the girl that bailiffs would keep her safe from him.

Malave’s sentence also prohibits him from initiating any contact with the girl or her family, directly or through any other person.

“He has intimidated this girl and her family to such a degree that he thinks he can manipulate them,” Benner said, adding, “It’s my belief that conduct will continue” if he isn’t strictly forbidden from all contact.

Benner read a statement by the girl’s mother, who once had a relationship with Malave, and Assistant County Attorney Leslie Gill read a statement that the girl wrote.

“You are mean. I don’t like what you did to me. Why did you do it?” Gill read. “I am so mad at you because you hurt me. You hurt my body and you hurt my feelings.”

“I am so scared right now because you did that to me,” she read. “I know you’re not sorry.”

Malave has not apologized, and didn’t do so Wednesday. Instead, he protested that his case took too long to be tried, and claimed that guards at the county jail have abused him.

“My rights were violated basically in this state due to my being a minority,” Malave said, adding later, “It’s a criminal matter, what you all done to me.”

Malave also claimed that his lawyer hadn’t explained to him previously that he wouldn’t be allowed to contact the girl or her family. Booker told Sullivan that in fact, they had discussed it at length before Malave pleaded guilty Monday.Malave had been jailed since his arrest in 2005, held without bail on a single count of aggravated felonious sexual assault while also serving an eight- to 10-year sentence for statutory rape in Plymouth County, Mass.

As part of his plea bargain, Malave agreed that 889 days of the time he’s spent in jail would count toward his 10 to 20 year sentence. Malave also received lesser, concurrent sentences for witness tampering.

Malave has a lengthy prior criminal record in his home state of Massachusetts, starting with a 1987 manslaughter conviction from a hit-and-run collision, for which he was sentenced to nine to 15 years in prison, according to the Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board.

Malave chalked up burglary, drug, weapons and reckless driving convictions around Massachusetts in the late 1990s and was convicted Aug. 31, 2005, on two counts of statutory rape. He was sentenced to eight to 10 years in state prison.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Kenneth Dale Stark – Repeat Sex Offender – Repeat DUI Offender – Stalking kids at Park

A sex offender with a criminal past that covers four states is back behind bars in Sioux Falls, after police say he was hanging around Sioux Falls parks that were packed with kids.Police say there are a few reasons you might spot someone watching a park full of kids, such as parents checking up on a baby-sitter. If you have a weird feeling about it, police say it’s best to give them a call and have them check it out just in case.

Kenneth Dale Stark, 59, went before a judge Friday. He was arrested Thursday for being a sex offender loitering in a safety zone. Stark is also charged with his 6th DUI and other misdemeanors.

Police say they spotted Stark at Whittier Park, sitting in a white van and watching the kids playing. At the time there were dozens of kids enjoying the park. It was actually parents who spotted the van the day before and tipped off police.

News that Kenneth Stark is accused of watching kids at local parks is disturbing for Linda Monhan a Sioux Falls grandma who’s often out with her granddaughter Macy.

“It kinda frightened me when I heard it was like 2 blocks away from my house,” Monhan said.

When parents noticed a white van sitting outside of a Sioux Falls park, they wrote down the license plate number and gave it to police. When police ran it, they found it belonged to Kenneth Dale Stark. He is a convicted sex offender not only in South Dakota, but also in Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa.

He has nine prior convictions at least one of those is for sexual assault of a child.

Sioux Falls police in uniforms but in an unmarked cars followed stark to Whittier Park and then to Meldrum Park. When stark spotted the officers in uniform, he took off, but police were able to catch up with him a short time later and arrested him on several charges including being a sex offender loitering in a safety zone. He’s now being held on a 25-thousand dollar cash bond.

For Linda Monhan, the arrest is a relief, but also a reminder of how watchful parents should be of suspicious activity.

“I’m usually out with her all the time and I usually watch out for things and see if there’s anything strange,” Monhan said.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte