Robert J. Washington – Repeat Sex Offender

A convicted sex offender who passed himself off as an executive chef of the Worthington Hotel offered several people jobs and groped at least two 17-year-old women, police said.

He told one of the women that this was what to expect from drunken hotel guests, police said.

Robert J. Washington, 41, was issued two citations for assault by contact Thursday.

Police say they learned of the ruse Monday night after some of the people showed up at the downtown hotel, only to find that Washington did not work there.

Detective Kerry Adcock said Washington has denied deliberately touching anyone inappropriately or promising people work, but admitted posing as a chef to “impress people and because he didn’t want to tell them he’s a sex offender.”

Tarrant County court records show Washington, 41, plead guilty in 1991 to aggravated sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in exchange for a 15-year prison sentence.

A 17-year-old college student told police that she had called Washington after learning through someone at her church that he worked at the hotel and was reportedly hiring. She said Washington offered her a hostess job for that night and even gave her a ride home from college to discuss it.

But as they arrived at her home on the short east side, the teen told police, Washington warned her about drunken hotel guests she would likely encounter on the job.

“He told her, ‘They might try to do this’ and then he reaches over and starts grabbing her breasts,” Adcock said.

The teen said she jumped out of the car but Washington didn’t leave, still insisting he could get her a job. He also told about a half a dozen others gathered in the area, including a few men, that he had work for them that night at the hotel, too, Adcock said.

Adcock said Washington instructed the people to dress in black pants and a white shirt and said he’d arrange to have them picked up by bus around 9 p.m. at the location. At some point during his talk with the group, police say he also grabbed the breast of another 17-year-old girl.

“She was wearing a tank top and Washington grabbed her breast saying, ‘You will have to cover those up,’ ” said Sgt. Cheryl Johnson.

The woman told police that she told Washington to get his hands off her, and he apologized.

When a bus didn’t show at the designated hour, someone in the group called Washington and was told that the hotel’s restaurant had been closed down by OSHA and that he wouldn’t need anyone that night.

Police said Washington later drove back to the neighborhood, recruiting an 18-year-old woman to supervise the clean-up.

Police were later called after that woman, accompanied by one of the 17-year-old women and another man, went to the hotel and learned that Washington did not work there.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Repeat Sex Offenders – March 2009

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Robert Wesley Bell – Repeat Sex Offender – Preying on Children

Jesse Goodman – Repeat Sex Offender – Internet Predator

Rene Carriere – Repeat Sex Offender – Molested same girl AGAIN

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Derrick Bernard Harden Jr – Repeat Sex Offender – Baby Raper

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Kenneth Hendryx – Repeat Sex Offender – 15 years later

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Jose Morales Saldana – Repeat Sex Offender – Child Predator

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Charles Randy “Cowboy” Horne Jr. – Repeat Sex Offender – Rapes 6 year old girl

Ricky S. Veal Jr – Repeat Sex Offender – Arrested new sex crime

Mark A. Fuller – Repeat Sex Offender – ReOffends

Craig Bennett – Repeat Sex Offender – An Animal

Elmer Ellman – Repeat Sex Offender – 25 Years

Charles Mould – Repeat Sex Offender – Life Sentence

Elijah Lewis – Repeat Sex Offender – Makes his Escapes

William Charles Easterly – Repeat Sex Offender – Caught by Wife

Jonathan Staat – Repeat Juvenile Sex Offender and his Cockroach ENABLING judge

Charles Randy Horne Jr. – REPEAT SEX OFFENDER – Baby Raper

Dale Schaeffer – Repeat Sex Offender – Enabled by wife

Michael Thomas Potter, Jr. – Repeat Sex Offender – Myspace Internet Predator gets 27 years

Jonathan Bermingham – Repeat Sex Offender – Begs for Castration

John Szorady – Repeat Sex Offender – 54 counts rape

Michael McGill – Repeat Sex Offender – To be released despite his threats to reoffend

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Garth Jason Gumienny – Repeat Sex Offender – Tenant molesting boy

A registered sex offender has been arrested on suspicion of molesting a boy whose mother rented him a room unaware that he was a convicted child molester, police said Wednesday.

Garth Jason Gumienny, 35, was booked into the county jail and faces 10 counts of child molestation. He was arrested by officers conducting checks to make sure registered sex offenders are complying with the terms of their release from prison, police said.

Officers said they visited 77 registered sex offenders in the city on Tuesday.

During the checks, police said they found Gumienny staying in a room at an apartment on Parks Avenue near University Avenue. A young boy was also found to be living in that room, police said.

Gumienny was a roommate in the apartment, and the boy’s mother was unaware that he was a registered sex offender, police said. The boy shared the room with the sex offender for at least one year as part of the living arrangements, police said.

Officers said they are still trying to determine how long the molestation took place.

The boy’s age is not being released to protect his identity, but police said he is younger than 16.

Detectives said they interviewed the boy and determined he had been molested “numerous times.”

Gumienny was booked in lieu of $1.25 million bail. He was convicted of oral sex with a minor and possessing material depicting minors in a sexual act, according to the state’s Megan’s Law Web site.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

Danny Martin – Repeat Sex Offender – Tries to pick up kids

A registered sex offender is back behind bars for a second time within a week.

Metro officers arrested 30-year-old Danny Ray Martin for violating his sex offender registry agreement.

While investigating complaints, police learned he visited online dating sites. He’s also accused of trying to lure young girls into his car.

Martin was reportedly released from the arrestee processing center, but re-arrested Tuesday afternoon.

His original conviction is for a 1997 child molestation case

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte