Robert Kevin Carlino – Pedophile Priest – Busted

The youth minister for a township church stands accused in a federal complaint of downloading 134 images of child pornography to his personal computer.

Robert Kevin Carlino, no age available, of Dutch Mill Road is charged with knowingly receiving more than 10 graphic images of child pornography, “which had been downloaded to his computer, each of which had been transported in interstate commerce by means of computer.”

Carlino — who had been the paid youth minister for the Malaga Assembly of God — was arrested at his residence Friday by agents for the FBI. He had an initial appearance Friday afternoon in U.S. District Court, Camden, and was in the custody Friday night of the U.S.. Marshals, according to J.J. Klaver, spokesman for the FBI in Philadelphia.

Carlino is accused of downloading between Nov. 6 and 13 a computer folder containing 134 images of a girl engaged in “explicit sexual conduct with an adult male wearing only white socks,” according to an affidavit accompanying the arrest warrant for Carlino.

The child was known to be approximately 9 years of age at the time the photographs were taken, the affidavit said.

During the execution of a search warrant on March 17 — in which Carlino’s computer was seized — the suspect “made numerous admissions pertaining to his downloading and viewing of child pornography,” according to the affidavit by Lina M. Ramirez, a special agent for the FBI office in Cherry Hill Township.

“Carlino stated that viewing child pornography became an addiction,” the agent indicated. “Carlino further admitted to adopting false personas while online — alternatively pretending to be a 13-year-old girl and a mother in her 20s — so that men would be more interested in chatting with him, and sending him child pornography.”

“We are just saddened by the whole thing,” said the Rev. Randy Sabella, pastor of the Malaga Assembly of God. “We feel very sorry for him and his family. We are praying for him and praying for his family.”

Sabella stressed Carlino is no longer youth minister.

Ramirez said she began investigating Carlino on Feb. 18 based on a lead provided by the Serbian Ministry of Interior.

The Serbian ministry came across the child pornography during the course of conducting court authorized electronic surveillance of a person suspected of infecting computers with the “Poison Ivy” virus, she said in court papers. The virus allows an individual to control an infected computer remotely.

The person the Serbian ministry was investigating was using the Poison Ivy virus in “an attempt to steal financial information from others by infecting their computers.”

Carlino’s computer was infected with the Poison Ivy virus, according to court papers.

Carlino’s computer was monitored by the Serbian ministry “for approximately 24-36 hours during the period from approximately Nov. 6 – 13,” according to court papers.
“During the monitoring period in November 2008, the MUP (the Serbian Ministry of Interior) observed the computer operator on the Carlino computer view child pornography, save the images to an external storage device and delete the images,” said Ramirez.