William Charles Easterly – Repeat Sex Offender – Caught by Wife

She knew he was a registered sex offender but he convinced her that he’d changed.

A man charged with aggravated statutory rape is now behind bars and his wife wants to warn others about his crimes. The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office says William Charles Easterly was arrested on Thursday for violation of the sex offender registry and rape.

Amanda Lee has been married to Easterly for 4 years, and the couple has 3 young kids. She says two weeks ago she went to the barn behind their house to tell her husband to go get gas. When she did, she said she found her husband on top of a fifteen year old neighbor. Lee says Easterly then started yelling at her, “He hollered at me and told me if I told authorities he done it, he would kill me.”

But Lee says she didn’t listen and called the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office to report what she saw. Thats’ when she says the neighbor came forward and admitted she was raped. “She’s lost her innocence, lost all respect for herself.”

Now Lee wants to make sure her husband stays behind bars and is punished for his crimes. “I want his face on the tv to show everybody that he could do it again; he’s a registered sex offender and everyone has a right to know what he’s done.”

Lee says Easterly now has a $65,000 bond and he was a registered sex offender when she met him. His previous conviction was in Gadsden, Alabama back in 2003.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte