John Canadyan – Refusing GPS

A woman whose loved ones were killed by a sex offender said that she’s appalled another parolee has been allowed to live without a GPS bracelet for months.

Homeless sex offender John Canadyan has been shunning a court order to wear a location-monitoring device while living at a veteran’s shelter. A judge ordered Canadyan to find alternate accommodations or otherwise remedy the situation, but 89 days passed before Canadyan took any action.

Annette Presti, whose family members were killed by a sex offender who was freed pending trial, said she couldn’t believe courts had not ordered Canadyan back to jail.

“If they don’t bring them back after violations, what happens if they go and rape another child? If they go and murder another child? What happens then?” asked Presti.

The 9-year-old girl assaulted by Canadyan said that she is terrified the sexual offender is living freely without the bracelet.

“He may come over here and do it again to me,” the girl said at her home.

Canadyan is in violation of his probation agreement by not wearing the GPS device, and Presti insists the convicted criminal should be in jail as a result.

“Does she deserve that? She is a victim and she needs to come first — her needs — and not a level three sex offender.”

The man who killed Presti’s daughter and granddaughter had also violated his parole conditions weeks before the attacks.

“Our children are not safe with this type of a system,” Presti said. “It makes me angry and it makes me want to fight for a better place for our children to live in.”

Canadyan is due back in court next week. He is expected to provide a judge with the address of a new home or evidence that he is now wearing the bracelet.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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