Fred Lenczycki – Baby raping priest wants out

A former Roman Catholic priest who in 2004 pleaded guilty to molesting three west suburban school boys and who last year was legally declared a sexually violent person insists he no longer needs to be confined to the state prison system for treatment.

Fred Lenczycki, 64, believes he is well enough to live with a family member in DuPage County and continue his counseling there.

But the state of Illinois disagrees.

“We must protect the young boys of DuPage County,” Assistant Atty. Gen. Michael Kress said.

The two sides met in court Friday at a hearing at which Lenczycki’s sex-offender treatment plan will be determined. Such hearings are required when a person is declared sexually violent.

Lenczycki is the first current or former clergy member declared sexually violent under the state’s decade-old Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act. The state’s definition of a sexually violent person is one who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense, exhibits a mental disorder and is likely to commit future sexually violent acts if released from custody, according to the attorney general’s office. More than 200 people have been declared sexually violent persons in Illinois.

Lenczycki was assigned to St. Isaac Jogues parish in Hinsdale when he molested three boys—ages 10 to 12—from 1982 to 1984. It was two decades until criminal charges were brought against Lenczycki and he was tried.

Lenczycki was sentenced to five years in prison. After serving two and a half years, he was weeks away from being released in 2006 because of good behavior, but state and county prosecutors claimed he was a sexually violent person who needed to remain confined by the state. Two years later, a DuPage County jury unanimously agreed with that assessment.

The jury heard testimony that Lenczycki had a much worse history of abusing young boys than previously publicly disclosed. That history includes incidents of abuse at Sts. Peter and Paul parish in Naperville and St. Charles Borromeo seminary in Romeoville during the 1970s, prosecutors said. Other incidents occurred in California and Missouri, where Lenczycki was transferred after being removed from his Hinsdale assignment, prosecutors said. The jury found unanimously that he was a sexually violent person.

Since April 2006, Lenczycki was has been treated at a facility operated by the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Illinois Department of Human Services in Downstate Rushville.

James Montgomery, Lenczycki’s attorney, said Friday in his opening remarks that “society will be protected” if his client is released.

“He has made progress in his treatment and he will be kept by state officials on a very short leash,” Montgomery said. “At his age his risk of recidivism is low.”

Kress argued the opposite.

“It is probable that he will commit a future act,” Kress said in his opening remarks. “He hasn’t progressed in treatment to a level where he could be treated in the community.”

Amy Phenix, a California psychologist and witness for the state testified that Lenczycki hadn’t progressed in his treatment enough to be a candidate for release from a secure setting.

Montgomery told DuPage County Judge Bonnie Wheaton that Lenczycki would reside with a member of his family in DuPage County, live off of a small church pension and Social Security, register as a child sex offender with local police, receive treatment approved by a state management team, receive periodic polygraph tests and have his location monitored by GPS.

When the hearing continues May 18, the sides are expected to offer competing mental health testimony. Wheaton was the presiding judge when Lenczycki was found last year to be sexually violent. Her options range from continuing Lenczycki’s incarceration and treatment to releasing him for outside treatment.

Lenczycki was automatically and permanently removed from the priesthood when he was convicted of sexual abuse, according to the Joliet diocese. He is banned from celebrating mass and can’t wear a priest’s collar or call himself a priest.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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  1. I was at the St.Charles Borromeo Seminary in the years 1978-1979 and remember “Father Fred” well.

    He needs to stay LOCKED UP!

    What does it say to other members of our society that you can physically abuse a child, serve only five years, and then get out!!!

    Come on! That’s less time than I spent in college for Jesus H. Christ’s SAKE!

    Give this hypocrite of Biblical Proportion a Golden Shower from the Golden Chalice, and a ziplock baggie of Hosts so he can party all he wants in his cell where he deserves to spend what is left of the rest of his life!!!

  2. I was at SIJ and a contemporary of those who were directly abused by this pedophile. His actions as witnessed towards the male students were deliberate, calculated and designed to establish dominance from the first days of his introduction to the parish. This was evidenced by his initial greeting to the boys by an unreasonably painful handshake and deliberate eye contact until the boy would break his stare. It would appear in hindsight that from this point onward, the subtle evidence of his sexual predation of the boys occured with progressive frequency. Defication in urinals. Group assault of the playground monitor. Running through the halls yelling and beating on lockers. Alcohol abuse. All actions which were a cry for help and met only with wholesale punishment by the Principal. This sick man did not just affect those he directly abused sexually. This pedophile caused unaccountable emotional and spiritual damaged to every student in attendance during his time in our parish.
    It is my opinion that whether he has been rehabilitated or not is irrelevant. This pedophile will never be able to better himself to any degree which will ever compensate for the damage he has done to the now adult children of a community whose innocence and spiritual beliefs he corrupted. Furthermore, to allow a convicted violent sexual predator of children to be placed in a situation in which he may have the chance encounter with any one of us from this parish would be a gross disservice to the survivors if his obscenely reprehensible actions. This is unjust to us survivors. This is unjust to the residents of DuPage County. This is unjust to the children who silently bear the abuse that still occurs in silence.

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