Barton Bagnes – Repeat Sex Offender – Diaper Boy terrorizes children

Barton Bagnes is a registered sex offender who wears diapers. Two days ago he exposed his diaper to young children in Holladay.

Recently a very concerned mother told police her four year old child came to her and said that Bagnes had shown them his diaper.

Bagnes has a history of exposure. He’s on the sex offender registry following a 1999 conviction for showing his private parts and his diaper to a young child. He was also convicted in 2000 doing the same thing to a child.

In 2007, however, charges of lewdness were dismissed. Bagnes allegedly showed his diaper but not his private parts. Last year, he got another diaper dismissal; private parts weren’t exposed.

Melissa Rideout’s children were victimized by Bagnes. Her case was dismissed last year.

She says, “I’m frustrated because I felt I did whatever I could to try and file charges against this guy.”

We went to the Salt Lake District Attorney’s office to learn why these cases were being dismissed. Bagnes appears to be a repeat offender, yet these charges are getting tossed out in court.

Officials said that there isn’t a law specific enough to address the diaper showing.

We’ve now gone to the state capitol to see if the law needs changing. One lawmaker we talked with is interested in looking at this loophole.

But for now, a vague law lets Bagnes walks the streets exposing his diaper to kids while parents watch in frustration.

Meanwhile, prosecutors will screen this latest lewdness case against Bagnes to see if there’s anything different that will allow charges to stick.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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