David Wilson – Repeat Sex Offender – Wife stands by Lying Child Molester

The family of an accused child molester is speaking out in his defense.

They talked to Derek Valcourt about the allegations and why they say it’s just not true.

David Wilson’s wife says she didn’t know he already had a prior sex offense conviction until Eyewitness News told her. But she is standing by her man saying she doesn’t believe it’s true.

Candice Wilson fought back tears when talking about her husband. Police arrested David Wilson, 51, after a seven-year-old girl claimed he sexually molested her in the laundry room of a Dundalk apartment complex.

David’s daughter and wife defended him Thursday. Both say they’ve never seen him do anything like this.

But David is a convicted sex offender who spent time in jail more than 15 years ago.

Candice was shocked when she first found out he’d had a prior sex offense and says she has no idea why he never told her about it.

Despite learning of his prior conviction, Candice says she still doesn’t believe the new accusation.

But police do believe it. According to charging documents, David even confessed.

Even though David Wilson is a convicted sex offender, he was able to live just feet away from a Dundalk middle school. That’s because he was convicted in 1992, three years before the sex offender registry in the state of Maryland was even created.

“He may have abused other children. We’d very much like them to come forward, one to see that justice is served, and two they may need counseling,” said Bill Toohey, Baltimore County Police spokesperson.

The news put neighbors like Denise Quintavalle on alert.

“And I talked to my granddaughter to see if he touched her, and she said no,” said Quintavalle.

Meanwhile, his family says they won’t abandon him.

“We still wanna be a family, and we’re never going to get rid of him. If he’s got to move, we’re going to move with him. That’s what families do,” said Tammy Stevens.

Candice says if she finds out the accusations are true, she doesn’t know what she’ll do.

David Wilson is still in jail. He faces third-and fourth-degree sex offense charges.

Police say David used money and candy to lure and entice the seven-year-old girl.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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  1. Residents need to locate their immediate sex offender registry and petition police for offenders not listed due to date of conviction. Mapping programs are alot easier to use than when I started this. Determine who is in violation and research their crimes. Then force your local police department to enforce the residency restrictions..you can bank that at least 10% of your areas offenders are in violation. I advocate doing your homework regarding the research..I found some really bad guys in my neighborhood who should be behind bars not feet from a school…

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