Harold Corbitt – Molested girl for 5 years and gets Jessica’s Law punishment

It’s first of its kind in Nueces County. As part of a plea deal today a 34 year old man became the first admitted child sexual predator to be punished under the Texas version of Jessica’s Law.

Jessica’s law is named after Jessica Lunsford, a Florida girl who was raped and murdered by a previously convicted sex offender back in 2005. The Texas law is about heightening penalties for repeat child sexual assault suspects.

34 year old Harold Corbitt was the first one in Nueces County to plead guilty and receive the high minimum of 25 year behind bars with out the possibility of parole.

That charge of continuous sexual assault is the new one on the books. Corbitt plead guilty that he sexually abused a young girl from the time she was 8 years old until she was 13.

Prosecutor Ana Jimenez says the new statute is good in punishing sex offenders and reducing their ability to re-offend.

“You can’t fix them. I can’t explain what it is that makes them do the things they do,” said Prosecutor Ana Jimenez when asked why she thinks adults, like Corbitt sexually abuse children.

“The statute is really good for us,” Jimenez explains. “Not only does it have a high minimum but it gives the kids an oppurtunity to actually go before a jury and be heard.”

She says young victims don’t have to necessarily pin point an exact date or specific time. Instead Jimenez says if prosecutors can prove 2 or more acts happened with in 30 days, the continuous sexual abuse charge can apply, and bring along with it

Corbitt, a former car salesman, reportedly told authorities he’d been sexually assaulted as a child. He admitted his guilt early on, but apparently never wanted to hear the specific allegations lodged against him.

He also plead guilty to the promotion of child pornography, and got 20 years for that, which he’ll serve concurrently…with that 25 year sentence.

During today’s plea deal the victim, a young teen, was allowed to make a victim impact statement in open court.

She told the judge, in a soft emotional voice, that she’s glad Corbitt took responsibility for his actions, and now he can pay for what he’s done to her.

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