Jeffery Holmgren – Repeat Sex Offender –

Conviction date not reported
Offender has a history of sexual conduct and attempted abduction with a juvenile female (age unknown). The contact included fondling. Offender gained access to victim by approaching her in a public place. Offender was not known to victim. Offender also has a history of indecent exposure to adult females.
Offender’s age at conviction not reported

A community is reeling after a man they successfully fought to have classified as a level 3 sex offender was apparently caught trying to lure a girl into his car.

At the time of the alleged incident, he was awaiting trial for a similar crime in North Branch, Minn.

Repeat sex offender Jeffery Holmgren he moved next door to a home child care center a half block from an elementary school.

“He’s a danger to society because obviously he can’t control himself,” said concerned neighbor Ann Trippler.

It was on Payne Avenue in the middle of the afternoon on Christmas Eve when police say Holmgren followed a young adolescent girl walking down the sidewalk in his car.

“(A witness) heard him ask or tell the girl, ‘Hey, get in the car. I’ll give you a ride. Get in the car.’ And she said no, she kept walking. The vehicle then tried to cut her off,” said St. Paul police spokesperson Peter Panos.

The restaurant owner watching then took her inside and called police, who later caught Holmgren.

“He even admits that he was trying to get her in the car,” said Panos.

“Knowing his history, I was not surprised to see another offense. It was just a matter of time,” said worried parent Ann Florin.

Holmgren was later picked up for violating conditions of release while awaiting trial for aggravated harassment and stalking teenage girls in the summer of 2008.

“It’s aggravating. You kind of wish something would be done,” said concerned neighbor Bile-Jo Martin.

Friday, Holmgren was back in court and pleaded guilty to the stalking and harassment in North Branch.

“It’s frustrating to see this happen again and again,” said Martin.

Mothers in Chisago City — who’ve been monitoring Holmgren’s behavior since he moved in — wonder how many more sex crimes he has to commit before the court gets tough.

“It has to stop now,” said Florin.

Holmgren is being held in the Chisago County Jail until he’s sentenced in February.

He was cited, but never charged in the St. Paul luring incident because the victim left before police arrived.

Investigators and prosecutors are urging her to come forward to strengthen the case against Holmgren.

Prosecutors are trying hard to persuade the judge to give him prison time on the felony charges. Sentencing guidelines use complicated formula to determine the punishment.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”

………Sarah Tofte

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