Dell Vanderschuit – Captured Internet Predator – Pedophile

Between 8/30/08 and 11/6/08 the Phoenix Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Bureau Vice Unit conducted an internet crime investigation showing that Dell Vanderschuit was soliciting an undercover officer to have sex with both her and a 10 year old girl for $1500.

Ironically, the initial information about the suspect came to us from a Phoenix “pimp” who was infuriated that this suspect wanted to have sex with a young child. Subsequently, undercover investigators made contact with the suspect and began the investigation. On 12/10/08 a warrant was issued for Vanderschuit’s arrest for attempted child prostitution, a class 3 F.

During the course of the investigation Vanderschuit moved to Chico, California from an apartment at 4950 E. Van Buren in Phoenix. Investigators believed Vanderschuit had in his possession in California evidence material to the case.

Our Vice Unit investigators worked with investigators from the FBI Innocence Lost Task Force, the Phoenix Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

The Innocence Lost Task Force put us in contact with the Chico Police Department. Phoenix Police investigators traveled to Chico on December 19th, 2008. With assistance from Chico P.D. and the FBI a search warrant was served and evidence was obtained, but the suspect was not there.

On Christmas Eve, 12/25/08, Vanderschuit was arrested by I.C.E. in a port of entry in San Francisco for the existing arrest warrant, while re-entering the United States after vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. He now faces extradition back to Arizona.

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