Jeffrey Alan Wasley – Child Predator – Pedophile – Magician

More than 5,000 images of child pornography and other sexually exploitative materials were seized from a former Kennesaw youth minister and magician’s home computer, according to a 14-page federal complaint.

Jeffrey Alan Wasley, 37, was indicted Monday by a federal grand jury on charges of producing and receiving child pornography. Wasley is accused of taking videos of boys —- some as young as 4 years old —- while they were using public restrooms.

He is being held in an undisclosed location pending a Dec. 30 bond hearing.

If he is convicted, the charges carry a total maximum sentence of 70 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000, said Patrick Crosby, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office.

Wasley was known as “Magic Jeff” when he performed his popular magic act at amusement parks, local hospitals and schools. He last performed at American Adventures amusement park in Marietta, where he was employed as a magician.

He also served as youth minister for Calvary Jesus Church in Kennesaw. The investigation of Wasley began in July, when he was arrested by Cobb police on child molestation charges, which are still pending.

Two boys, ages 5 and 7, told detectives Wasley approached them in the restroom of a Target store at 740 Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw. He is accused of pulling down the pants of the 7-year-old to tuck in his shirt. The boy wasn’t wearing underwear, according to the federal complaint.

The 5-year-old said Wasley was standing behind him while he was using the restroom. The child reported hearing clicking noises, like pictures were being taken.

When police searched Wasley’s home, they found six videos on his computer showing young boys, between ages 4 and 8, using the restroom, according to the complaint.

Since the video equipment Wasley is accused of using was manufactured in China, he could be charged with violating federal interstate commerce laws.

“This defendant’s actions are especially disturbing because he was allegedly surreptitiously filming young boys in public restrooms,” U.S. Attorney David E. Nahmias said in a statement. “In addition, he had allegedly collected a large amount of child pornography, actions which support a market designed solely to sexually exploit children for others’ sick enjoyment.”

Wasley was arrested again on Dec. 11, when the Cobb SWAT team arrived at his home to serve him with a warrant for the federal charges.

He barricaded himself in the basement of his home and tried to commit suicide by cutting himself.

Wasley worked as a magician under the name Magic Jeff. On his Web site,, he claims he has performed at Six Flags, Cub Scout troops, Home Depot and a long list of local schools.

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