Mitchell Brokob – Child Predator Pleads Guilty

A child predator who robbed a 12-year old girl of her innocence did show some mercy Thursday in a Niagara County courtroom.

Mitchell Brokob pleaded guilty to all counts, sparing his young victim a trial.

Law enforcers spent hundreds of man hours working the high profile case that put the City of North Tonawanda on edge for months.

Elizabeth Donatello said, “This kind of crime shocks the core of any community.”

41-year-old Mitchell Brokob admits he wore a mask when he grabbed a 12-year-old neighbor at knife point in March, dragged her into an abandoned house and sexually assaulted her.

Police say he made the victim swallow a date rape drug. The girl later escaped out a window by tying sheets together.

North Tonawanda Police Chief Randy Szukala said, “Everybody here that has families; you have a little girl telling you the story which is probably the most terrible thing that could probably happen to anybody in their life.”

“Everybody banded together; not only in this department but in all the departments that assisted us; everybody had the same attitude.”

Police from several agencies pitched in, going door to door taking DNA swabs from men who agreed to the test. Brokob was one of the men who gave a sample, giving police the break they needed.

Niagara County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Donatello said, “The family is thrilled. They’re very happy. They called it a Christmas gift for their daughter. She is an incredible child, a little girl that has shown bravery beyond her years.”

A Niagara County Court judge told Brokob he’ll face 25 years to life in prison for the attack. He is expected to plead guilty to federal child pornography charges in the coming weeks. He will serve twenty years in federal prison first before finishing his state sentence.

Prosecutors say Brokob believes he’ll get better care for his medical conditions in a federal facility.

Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante said, “I think the end result is that we have a very dangerous man in jail, maybe for the rest of his life; that’s all that’s important to us.”

Brokob faces 25 years to life in prison when he’s sentenced for the attack in March.

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