Ronald Keith Mack

A registered sex offender faces new charges alleging
he sexually abused four victims under the age of 7.

A registered sex offender faces new charges alleging he sexually abused four victims under the age of 7.

Ronald Keith Mack, 42, could face up to 265 years in prison if convicted on the eight charges against him, ranging from first-degree sexual abuse of a minor to failure to register as a sex offender.

Authorities Tuesday said they are still investigating Mack and asked anyone with information on him to contact the Casper Police Department. Investigators did not detail the allegations and the charging documents against Mack are unavailable because Natrona County Circuit Court does not release information on cases involving alleged underage victims.

Mack, a Chicago native who has a previous Wyoming conviction for indecent liberties with a minor, appeared in circuit court Tuesday afternoon, where a judge set his bond at $75,000. A slight man who wore his hair in a braided ponytail, Mack told the court he has lived in Casper for about four years.

When Judge Michael Patchen asked the defendant specifically where he lived, Mack said he lived at Natrona County Detention Center.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Casper police Sgt. Steve Schulz released a brief statement seeking the public’s help in the Mack investigation. Schulz did not elaborate on the statement other than to say the investigation is ongoing.

Police arrested Mack earlier this month on drug and interference allegations, according to police records provided to the Star-Tribune before he was charged with sexual abuse.

Mack is listed on Wyoming’s sex offender registry because of his 1995 conviction in Natrona County for indecent liberties with a minor. The registry indicates he was born in Chicago and has several aliases including Ronnie Mack, Ricky Moore, Lee Baker and Ernest Lee Baker.

Mack has twice served time at Wyoming State Penitentiary, according to Department of Corrections spokeswoman Melinda Brazzale.

In April 1994, he went to prison after having his probation revoked in relation to a burglary case three years earlier. He was paroled in September 1994.

Nine months later, Casper police arrested Mack after a 6-year-old girl told her mother a man had tried to molest her, court documents show. That October, Mack pleaded no contest to the indecent liberties charge and a judge sentenced him to three to five years in prison.

Department of Corrections records show Mack finished his sentence in March 1999. Information on whether Mack received sex offender counseling while incarcerated is not public, Brazzale told the Star-Tribune in an e-mail.

In court Tuesday, Assistant District Attorney Dan Itzen said Mack has a previous burglary conviction in Illinois.

Anyone with information on Mack can contact police at (307) 235-8278.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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  1. I am Ronald’s niece and I think that he deserves everything that he has coming to him. He has molested me and several of my family members. That is including his own daughter and son. I hope that he is found guilty and spends the rest of his life in jail. And I hope that he spends his time in the public area of the prison. He has no remorse for what he has done and he don’t care what happens to the people that he does this to.

  2. My name is Carrie Pence. Iam from Chicago, and Ronny is my sperm donor. Iam the oldest of his 3 kids. He is a really sick man. When I was a bit younger he molested me and my 3 brothers. At the time, I was young and scared of him so i never came forward. my baby brother John was young and scared also. I finally got the nerve to tell my mom what happened, and when I did, my little brother told me that also. When I got older, it really got to me in the worst ways. I cant imagine what these little babies are going through. Even though Im older now, it still haunts me to think of him, to hear his name or anything. This is a sick man and they should execute him. My feelings toward him are beyond hate, and I wish the worst punishment for him. Do people really understand that, even though some kids that get molested at young ages, it still haunts them when they are older. Im glad my 2 little baby boys will never ever be around him. Anyone please feel free to write. My email is And my heart goes out to all the babies around the world who have to deal with these sick men who like to prey on little kids, and never get caught. God always says, “HE WILL PUNISH THOSE WHO SIN” Their time will come, and may GOD GIVE THEM WHAT THEY DESERVE……

  3. I am the grandmother of one of Mr. Mack’s most recent victims. I want these young women to both know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I thank them for sharing with me. Although terribly sad – a tragedy – their words will undoubtedly be of great comfort to my grandchild as he grows through life and finds need to face this demon Mack has left with him. He will know it was not his fault – he is not alone.

    Thank you for your strength and courage. Know that we here in Wyoming will fight not just for us – but for all of you whom he has harmed. And, for all of those innocent victims he surely will harm if he is set free.

    On June 1, 2009 256 years is the possiblity – pray that this jury sees the truth and that 256 years it shall be.

  4. He got a deal AGAIN! The adult witness – the woman who’s home his 1995 crime happened in and then AGAIN after letting him BACK into the house – it happened AGAIN in her home…was not credible as a witness. Then, the fear of how the defense planned to tear the little children up on the stand where they HAD to sit in a large courtroom staring straight into the eyes of SATAN himself….well…I am ashamed to call myself a Wyomingite.

    The man gets to plead “No Contest” and get 15-30 years. What does that mean in real prison time? Likely not enough to keep the children of this world safe from him for very long.

    I want to say to all of his victims both past and present; I Am Sorry! My family fought the best that we could. I believe that the Prosecution did what they could as well. I do NOT believe that the investigations of police and local social services did their job thoroughly. I don’t understand the persons who harbored him through providing shelter and employment. While KNOWING he was an unregistered sex offender they were accessories to a crime by aiding him in staying under the police radar. For not charging persons who aid a criminal with something akin to child sex trafficing or AT LEAST child endangerment – I give those departments an failing grade.

    Our society has constitutional laws to help protect us from being falsely accused. Those rights include the right to “face your accuser”. That a person could be wrongly accused and put in prison for this crime would be horrendous and I understand our laws that help try and keep that from happening. However, our society HAS to do something better to help those citizens who cannot help themselves. Our most precious treasures; our children. I would hope that everyone who felt it necessary to “harbor the harborers” in this case will reflect upon this. I will forever take a stand against those who “pay under the table” or provide shelter so these creeps can remain in hiding. I can only hope our local DFS and police department will do so as well in the future.

    In the meantime, my family WILL NEVER FORGET! Mr. Mack will not spend one single day for the rest of this life without one of our family knowing EXACTLY where he is and what his schedule for being unleashed upon society again shall be. At that time, there will be NO WHERE that he can hide. Every single person he will ever be in contact with again will know that they should NEVER EVER leave a child within his reach – because – there is not ANY doubt whatsoever…HE WILL DO THIS AGAIN!

    To the woman who’ve commented above – again I say – I am so very, very sorry. These babies would’ve been ripped apart on the stand. I hope in the future, you will join us in monitoring Mr. Mack’s status. As adults and standing together, maybe we can stand in the way of his next prey.

    Know that you are not alone in your sadness, anger, grief and disgust. I pray that somehow all of his victims can seek and find a semblance of peace. For this man SURELY wins if his actions defeat your souls. This man doesn’t deserve the satisfaction. You deserve all the goodness, mercy and healthy love that can be found in this world – it really can. Please, never stop seeking it.

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