Bart Huskey – Pleads guilty – Filthy Pedophile

Dr. Meginley says the best rehab
for those offenders is containment – and that’s
exactly what’s in store for Huskey

The investigation into Bart Huskey started two years ago in Australia when a member of an international child pornography ring was arrested and started to give information to the F.B.I. The investigation then moved to Maine where detectives analyzed a number videos which then lead them to Lafayette, Georgia in August, and then to Rome today where Bart Huskey plead guilty.

James “Bart” Husky seen on the right leaves the federal courthouse in Rome Georgia after pleading guilty to some of the worst child pornography crimes in the world.

This comes after the FBI says Husky distributed a violent series called the “Tara Series” to a sophisticated international ring.

“Unfortunately this series has now become one of the most top distributed and traded series throughout the world,” Assistant United States Attorney Francey Hakes says.

Since Huskey’s arrest prosecutors say they’ve found images from the “Tara Series” in more than a 1,000 cases in the United States. Many of the recorded acts are too descriptive for air, but the FBI says Huskey started abusing the child in the series years ago and appears in some pictures with a knife pressed against her face, neck, and genitals.

“It’s about power, it’s about control, it’s about dominance,” Dr. James Meginley says.

A dominance that Dr. Meginley has seen for years – that’s because Meginley, who is a certified sex therapist, works with both the victims of sexual abuse and with sex offenders.

“I would say clearly the majority have offended against children and again the majority have offended against children that were well known to them,” Meginley says.

That’s because Meginley says children offer familiarity, trust, and are easily accessible. He says that parents should look for warning signs of abuse including changes in personality and moods.

He also says the majority of offenders typically end up being family members of the victims, but do have the ability to tell right and wrong. But for a small number, including Huskey, it can be much more difficult.

“For some people who are um clearly pathological and don’t really know right from wrong they don’t have a clear sense of that,” Meginley says.

And Dr. Meginley says the best rehab for those offenders is containment – and that’s exactly what’s instore for Huskey – he faces seventy years in prison and will be sentenced in February.

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