Robert Lloyd Youngblood – Convicted Whining Pedophile

“Uncle Bob” to the children in his Aliso Viejo neighborhood, added, “I hope that some day you can all find forgiveness.”

Perhaps instead he should hope that they all find peace and recovery

A child molester who secretly videotaped encounters with young children apologized to his victims Friday and said he was “embarrassed and ashamed,” moments before he was sentenced to 45 years to life in prison.

Robert Lloyd Youngblood, who was known as “Uncle Bob” to the children in his Aliso Viejo neighborhood, added, “I hope that some day you can all find forgiveness.”

He was convicted by a jury in June of 14 counts of lewd acts on children under 14, two counts of using minors for sex acts and one count of possessing child pornography.

Superior Court Judge William L. Evans said Youngblood, 65, was a “perfectly normal-looking person, who for whatever reason decided to take advantage of some young kids.”

The judge said there was no doubt that Youngblood molested children in his neighborhood after he gained the trust of their parents. “All you have to do is watch the videos,” Evans said.

Orange County Sheriff’s detectives found a collection of 57 sex-oriented home videos at Youngblood’s apartment when they showed up in February 2006 to investigate a report from a 12-year-old girl that she had been fondled during a visit with “Uncle Bob.”

His videos revealed that he used a hidden camera to capture images of his victims, including one that depicted a 12-year-old girl emerging naked from a shower.

Deputy District Attorney Nicole Nicholson said that Youngblood also spliced together his favorite scenes in a highlight, where he zoomed in on private parts of young girls and then looped the images over and over again.

Evans handed down his sentence — which he said will likely mean that Youngblood will die in prison — after he heard a victim-impact statement from the mother of one of his victims.

“We trusted him,” the woman said. “We let him into our family, and he took advantage of our general love and trust.”

She also read a letter from her daughter, who wrote, “What you did was sick and extremely dishonorable.

“You lived a life of promise, and you three it away for what? Underage girls,” the girl added. “That’s sick. That’s disgusting.”

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