David James Hollenback – Baby Raping Child pornographer

A Boggs Township man who police say videotaped himself raping a 6-year-old girl is also being investigated by federal agents in connection with child pornography, state police said.

David James Hollenback, 50, of 220 Big Hickory Lane, waived his right to a hearing Wednesday on a laundry list of charges in Centre County related to raping the child, videotaping the act and possession of child pornography.

State police have been combing through several computers and home videos that Hollenback’s family found that contained pornographic images of children, including some that show Hollenback raping a then-6-year-old child, according to the lead investigator, Trooper Leigh Barrows.

As more information comes in, Assistant District Attorney Lance Marshall said more charges could be coming against Hollenback.

Barrows said she has also been contacted by a federal agent in Philadelphia who is investigating Hollenback. The extent of the investigation is still unclear, but it is related to child pornography, Barrows said.

“There may be a crime involving the purchasing and trading of child pornography,” Marshall said of the federal investigation.

Hollenback opted to waive his numerous felony charges onto trial Wednesday, instead of having a hearing before a judge who would decide if police had enough evidence.

His Williamsport-area attorney, George Lepley, couldn’t be reached for comment.

Marshall said no plea deal was offered to Hollenback.

The police probe on Hollenback began here on Labor Day, when troopers received a tip that he had child pornography on his computer, police said.

Days later, videotapes emerged that, according to court documents, show Hollenback raping a child and he was charged again. Police also found some footage of Hollenback taping girls while peering through window blinds, police said. Some of the videos date back more than five years.

Before being arrested in September, Hollenback, who had worked at the Wal-Mart on North Atherton Street in State College, had never been arrested.

He remains in jail on $90,000 bail.

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