Charles Paul Convicted Rapist has trouble staying away from children

A convicted rapist is back in jail following his second alleged violation of state sex offender laws.

Charles Paul, 42, of the Brewster Street rooming house was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail by Judge Sawako Gardner on Monday when he appeared before Portsmouth District Court via video arraignment.

He was arrested on Oct. 25 and charged with a felony count of failing to provide police with written notification of a change in his employment.

Paul was convicted of two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault in Rockingham County Superior Court in February 1987 for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old North Hampton girl. Police say the victim was “severely beaten” and “left for dead.”

Having been released from prison in April after nearly 22 years, Paul was arrested on Aug. 22 and charged with two felony counts of “prohibition from child care services of person convicted of certain offenses,” with those charges alleging he was in a caretaking role with two minor children at a Portsmouth residence on Aug. 15.

Paul is alleged to have been in contact with a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old while visiting friends, which would violate state sex offender laws.

Those charges were still pending when police arrested Paul on a warrant alleging he failed to inform police that he stopped working for Labor Ready on Sept. 14. A police affidavit indicates he has been working at Liberty Mutual in Portsmouth through The Compass Group — a national food service contractor.

Sex offenders are required to notify police of changes in employment within five business days of the change.

Paul identified Labor Ready as his employer on his sexual offender registration form documented on July 7. However, a police affidavit indicates Portsmouth Detective Kristyn Bernier learned on Oct. 8 that Paul hadn’t been working at Labor Ready for three weeks.

Portsmouth Police Prosecutor Stephen Kasmar told the court Paul has had repeated problems following the sex offenders laws.

“It’s not that difficult to comply with registration requirements,” said Kasmar.

Paul appeared in Portsmouth District Court on Monday via video from Rockingham County Jail and pleaded with the judge to allow him to be released so he might maintain his job and provide assistance to his mother.

He said he has been working to pay his fines and is a longtime resident of Portsmouth. He said he didn’t have the money to post a high cash bail.

Gardner ordered him held on $5,000 cash bail as requested by the prosecution.

Paul will appear in Portsmouth District Court on Nov. 4 for probable cause hearings that will deal with his August arrest and his most recent charge.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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  1. Looks like his neighbors don’t want him around either. The rooming house at 21 Brewster St is known as a place to hide out when you are wanted, or if you are a sex offender.

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