Delmart Edward Joseph Michael Vreeland – Sexual fiend gets 336 years

Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver and his detectives were extremely pleased about the lengthy sentence a Douglas County man received for his role in a child prostitution case.

On Oct. 22, Judge Paul King sentenced Delmart Edward Joseph Michael Vreeland, 42, of the Cottonwood subdivision in Douglas County, to 336 years to life in prison.

Vreeland was arrested in October 2004 for numerous charges including child prostitution. Vreeland posted bond Oct. 19, 2004, and the same day cut off his ankle bracelet and fled the state. Detectives tracked him down the next day in Iowa and brought him back to Colorado.

He was convicted Dec. 11, 2006, of 13 felony charges, and on June 12, 2008, he was convicted of six habitual criminal counts. Vreeland was convicted on charges of inducement of child prostitution, soliciting for child prostitution, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and possession and distribution of cocaine.

Witnesses reported that Vreeland provided drugs and alcohol to two teenage boys, and then induced them to perform sex acts and make child pornography for the promise of thousands of dollars and a drum set. The victims reported Vreeland to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives conducted an extensive background search on Vreeland and learned that he was wanted in several states and Canada; he has over 40 aliases, and an extensive criminal history dating back over 20 years.

Vreeland is an International “folk hero” and conspiracy theorist who claims that while he was incarcerated in a Canadian jail in 2001 he forewarned Canadian officials of the terror attacks on Sept. 11. Vreeland has claimed to be a U.S. spy, a covert operative, and a Naval intelligence officer, all of which have been proven
false. U.S. Naval records show that in 1986 Vreeland was given an Entry Level Separation prior to his completion of basic training for his inability to conform to military regulations.

Vreeland has continually claimed to have information on terror plots, and high profile murder and kidnapping cases; however, Douglas County detectives and the FBI state that Vreeland’s claims have no merit, and he is not a credible source of information.

“I am truly impressed by the professionalism and determination our department and the district attorney’s office had during this lengthy case and trial. This dedication proves that justice was served for the victims involved and the community as a whole,” stated Sheriff Weaver

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