Stephen B. Rader – Filthy Pervert Tells victims ‘You’re going to die" for telling……..

A trial date was set Friday, Oct. 17, for a Middletown man arrested in August after police allegedly found child pornography in his apartment.

Stephen B. Rader, 29, of 209 Bavarian Drive, Apt. 4, is charged with three counts of rape and 22 counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor. He is scheduled to stand trial Dec. 1 in Butler County Common Pleas Judge Andrew Nastoff’s courtroom.

Shortly after Rader was arrested on Aug. 13, Middletown police officers described the child pornography seized from his residence as “some of the worst” they have ever seen.

Police seized DVDs, videotapes and a computer during a search of his Bavarian Drive apartment.

Rader also is facing a charge of intimidation for allegedly telling his accusers, “You are going to die,” according to Middletown police. Detectives say Rader made threats before and after a grand jury convened to review the case.

He is housed in the Butler County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bond.

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  1. Why was there no news about the trial or the sentence?

  2. It would REALLY be nice if you IDIOTS knew what the hell you were talking about. First of all, the Intimidation charges were DROPPED because the accusors AND THE POLICE DETECTIVE IN CHARGE OF THIS INVESTIGATION committed PURGERY on the witness stand! Charges will be filed against all three and THEY will be going to jail! All of these charges are FALSE. You don’t even know what happened for all this shit to be said about my brother. The people that made all this shit up will be sent to jail and my brother WILL BE ACQUITTED. So make sure WHEN THAT HAPPENS, you post that on this stupid ass website because what you have just done is called DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER and has been forwarded to his Attorney. You can’t always go by what is in the paper. His ex-wife, who committed PURGERY when she and her boyfriend, whom she cheated on my brother with while they were still married, made all of that shit up and it was proven IN COURT. Just like they made all this other shit up and it will be proved too. She also tried to have a permanent restraining order placed on my brother which the Judge ALSO DISMISSED. But the paper never prints that shit, do they???!!! So you just ASSUME everything you’ve read is accurate and true. All this is is a case of REVENGE on the part of a scorned ex-wife and her cheating lover. Wait and see. You guys BETTER print a retraction on this damn website APOLOGIZING to my brother for what you’ve said BECAUSE IT IS ALL UNTRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So, the allegations of three (at least) separate children are all part of some conspiracy against your brother? And the child pornography was also planted on his computer and in his home as part of this conspiracy? And some mastermind was able to put together these two pieces — the separate child victims and the pornography stash — simultaneously to get your brother arrested, then he/she was able to manipulate the police and prosecutors to prosecute the case against him despite the fact that, you say, he’s not guilty?

  4. Well it doesn’t look like an apology is needed since he was found GUILTY. Maybe your brother will gain an understanding of what it’s like to get molested.

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