Donald Nitchman – 455 charges of child molestation

A Schuylerville man has been charged with 455 charges of child molestation.

Donald Nitchman, 48, was indicted earlier today on four counts of sexual act in the first degree; 77 counts of criminal sexual act in the second degree; 83 counts of criminal sexual act in the third degree; 144 counts of sexual misconduct — all felonies — sexual abuse in the third degree; three counts of unlawful imprisonment; and 144 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

The alleged crimes occurred between August 2004 and June 2008.

It’s on a Saratoga County horse farm where investigators said breeder Donald Nitchman was sexually abusing teen boys.

“One of the young boys came forward. He had been sodomized by Mr. Nitchman,” said Saratoga County District Attorney Jim Murphy.

Murphy said with the first boy telling state police, that led investigators to finding two others Nitchman is accused of abusing. Murphy said the incidents started in 2004 when the teens were 13. The indictment is for more than 400 abuse-related charges.

“It is really unprecedented number of counts in the indictment,” said Murphy. “Remember, this is over a four-year period and three separate Nitchman is in Saratoga County Jail and could get life if convicted.

Murphy said each teen is in counseling and will be testifying when Nitchman goes to trial.

“It’s shattering. And no matter what we do with the criminal case, they will never be the same,” Murphy said.

Murphy said Nitchman was originally arrested in June and they are just now indicting him after trying to avoid having the boys testify in front of a grand jury.

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