Elias Puente – Repeat Sex Offender – Raped girl 15 times

‘It is better to say yes than to have it taken from you’

A Lehigh Acres man was arrested on multiple counts of sexual assault after deputies say he repeatedly raped a teen living in his home.

Elias Puente, 34, of Eddie Avenue, was arrested on four felony charges of sexual assault. He was released on $175,000 bond.

According to deputy James Richard, the 17-year-old victim first told her mother then deputies that she was raped at least 15 times by Puente between February 2007 and May 2008.

“The victim was told by Puente, ‘It is better to say yes than to have it taken from you,’ referring to sexual intercourse,” Richard reported. “The victim felt forced to comply and did what she was told.”

The abuse occurred at various locations throughout the county, according to Richard’s report.

The girl’s mother said she wanted to report the incident not only for her daughter, but because there are several other children who are reportedly currently living with Puente.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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  1. elias puente was found guily 5-27-2010 by a jury of his peers. found guilty of four counts of rape of a child under 17. hopefully, this time he will never be let out, my opinion is he should be given life, without the possibility of parole. this sick perverted piece of dung is sitting in the lee county jail of ftmyers fl awaiting for his sentence, my opinion he shouldnt even be able to breath the same air as the citizens of the world.maybe will get lucky and he will meet his own demise really soon. signed by a family member of the victim.

  2. You got what you deserved…From saying that nobody would believe…to thinking that you would get away with it…All it takes is telling the truth and they will be able to tell…and that’s what i did and they believed me and that proved you wrong…and to all others out there who dont know what to do when something like this happens to you…is to TELL..and tell the person that trust you most and even though you think that it is embarrassing they are the one that would believe you most and help you through all the hard times to come……DONT BELIEVE THE ONE THAT SAYS THEY WOULD BELIEVE YOU BECAUSE THEIR THE ONE MOST LIKELY THERE TO HELP THE ONE HURTING YOU…AND LIE TO PROTECT HIM/HER..

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