Charles Edward Smith Jr – Repeat Sex Offender – Wanted to teach girl "how to love"

A registered sex offender will spend almost a decade more behind bars after violating his probation.

Charles Edward Smith Jr., 58, of Woodsboro, is serving 10 years in the Maryland Division of Correction for offering to teach a 7-year-old girl about sex in 2007. He pleaded guilty in February to sexual solicitation of a minor.

Friday, Circuit Court Judge John H. Tisdale ordered Smith to serve an additional 81Ú2 years.

The February conviction was a violation of his probation for a May 2006 conviction for a third-degree sex offense that occurred in 2004.

The 81Ú2 years had been previously suspended. The time will be served consecutively, which means he will be in his mid-70s when he is to be released.

In October 2007, the 7-year-old’s mother asked Smith to watch the child. A neighbor who knew Smith was a registered sex offender saw him take the girl from his car into his North Second Street apartment and called police.

Deputies with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant to search Smith’s residence and found notes he’d written to the girl.

Phrases in the notes included “I want you to know how to have sex,” “You are ready for sex,” “I can teach you,” and “Don’t tell anyone.”

Smith’s 2007 arrest came five months into a five-year period of probation for the 2006 conviction.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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