Convicted Baby Raper Free on Bond pending appeal has Bond decision reversed

He was found guilty.

He wanted to appeal

the judge let a guilty man go free pending appeal.


Speaking out about injustices such as this

………Does make a difference.

A former Florida teacher, who for a year avoided serving a 43-year sentence for sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy, was handcuffed and ordered back into state custody Friday.

Aaron Mohanlal, here in his sex offender registration photo, had been free pending appeal.

Aaron Mohanlal, here in his sex offender registration photo, had been free pending appeal.

Aaron Mohanlal lowered his head as Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold reversed a decision he made last summer granting the convicted sex offender a $610,000 bond while his conviction was appealed.

The bond was supposed to be secured with properties owned by Mohanlal’s relatives. But evidence presented by prosecutors Friday showed there were no liens placed on the properties and they were not worth a fraction of the amount suggested by defense attorneys.

In April 2007, Mohanlal was convicted of 13 counts, including child abuse, molestation and lewd battery for forcing the boy, one of his students, to have sex in a classroom supply closet. Occasionally, the teacher would take the boy home during school hours for sex. He also purchased a cell phone for the teen and created nicknames for their genitalia to help keep phone sex a secret. The abuse went on for nearly two years.

Gold said on Friday that he weighed “the severity” of the case in deciding to revoke Mohanlal’s bond.

“I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, finally some justice,” the victim’s father said after the ruling as his voice cracked with emotion.

Gold granted the bond in July 2007. It allowed Mohanlal to remain free until his case was tried on appeal — a process that could take years. Gold had agreed to the bond on the condition that Mohanlal’s relatives have liens placed on three family properties as collateral. That meant that if Mohanlal left town, or did not show up for court, the family would — in Gold’s words — “lose everything.”

But records indicate the family had little to lose.

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