Bruce Roy Tiedemann – Repeat Sex Offender

In 2005, a petition was filed seeking his indefinite civil commitment as a sexually dangerous person, but a judge denied that motion.

Authorities say it didn’t take long for Olmsted County probation officers to recognize both the description and the mode of operation of a reported sexual assault in June as fitting Bruce Roy Tiedemann, a Level 3 sex offender.

The Mazeppa man has a lengthy criminal history that includes convictions for two sexual assaults in Pine Island and Zumbrota where women were attacked, bound with duct tape and raped. He served 11 years in prison.

But Tiedemann served that entire prison sentence and was not required to be on any supervision, only to register as a sex offender.

Within days of the June 11 rape in west Rochester, Muyres said investigators were at Tiedemann’s home in Mazeppa, executing a search warrant.

The allegations are that he followed a 15-year-old girl as she walked home from work on a bike path late that afternoon. She said he attacked her, threatened her at knifepoint, pulled her off the path to an isolated grassy area and raped her. She said he also choked her with his hands and her headphone cords, while threatening to kill her if she said anything. She called 911 after he fled the scene and gave police a detailed description.

Officers found a neck warmer and stocking cap similar to those described by the victim in Tiedemann’s home. They found a rag with blood smears in his car.

But Muyres said they are still waiting on results of forensic testing from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

“We have continued to work on the case, and added additional pieces of information to the file,” Muyres said.

Investigators also met with the county attorney’s office, discussing what evidence they had gathered.

“They just didn’t feel we had enough to make an arrest,” Muyres said.

That changed days ago when investigators met with relatives of Tiedemann, who told them of a family meeting they had and that Tiedemann had admitted raping the teenager.

“Once we got to that point, we acted as quickly as we could,” Muyres said, in getting the county attorney to agree there was sufficient probable cause to charge Tiedemann.

Muyres said it was important to act quickly “given the danger to the public.” He said police went to Tiedemann’s home late Wednesday afternoon after the complaint and warrant was signed.

They didn’t find him. Then they alerted the Wabasha County sheriff’s department. Chief Deputy Joe Modjeski said night shift deputies kept tabs on Tiedemann’s residence throughout the evening.

Shortly after midnight, they went up and knocked on the door. Modjeski said Tiedemann answered the door. It was 12:16 a.m.

The deputy asked Tiedemann if he knew why they were there and he said no. When told they had a warrant for his arrest, he said simply, “Let’s go.”

Tiedemann was taken to the Olmsted County line and met by Olmsted officials, who brought him to the jail.

A link to Tiedemann’s picture on the Department of Corrections web site for Level 3 sex offenders made the rounds in Rochester early last month. That’s after someone reportedly saw him following women. The e-mail was to alert residents that someone may be following women, that they should be aware and call authorities if that happened.

Muyres said someone sent him a copy of that e-mail, too, but said no one ever filed a complaint with police about being followed.

“I always caution people that there are hundreds of sex offenders out there and not to just focus on one face,” Muyres said. “Even with this guy locked up, there are many other sex offenders out there. People should never completely relax.”

Tiedemann’s prior convictions were in Goodhue County. In 2005, a petition was filed seeking his indefinite civil commitment as a sexually dangerous person, but a judge denied that motion.

Tiedemann’s next court appearance is Aug. 14.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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