Harold Ferrin – Foster Parent charged with molesting Six Year Old

An Indianapolis foster parent is behind bars following allegations of sexually abusing a little girl. The man had only recently been licensed to foster children.

Harold Ferrin is charged with four counts of child molesting involving a six-year-old. The 53-year-old is a foster parent and a civilian corrections officer.

“Most of our investigation is done. IMPD is typically the agency that takes their criminal investigation to the prosecutor’s office,” said Rhonda Allen of the Marion County Department of Child Services.

Child services removed a boy and girl from the care of Ferrin and his wife and suspended their foster care license.

The girl alleges the incidents happened over the course of a year. Ferrin denies the charges, but he’s being held without bond in the Marion County Jail.

Criminal defense attorney Robert Hammerle has serious questions about the Ferrin case and others like it.

“The allegation could be true. Frequently it’s not. The problem is that once that stain, once the accusation is made, the stain on a person’s reputation, character and soul…it never washes away,” said Hammerle.

Prosecutors don’t point solely at the accused, they also have concerns about child services.

“There’s an obligation to make sure that all of these tips and leads and information are followed through and that people in those positions…there’s a tremendous amount of trust and tremendous obligation. They need to make sure that these children are placed with folks that are gonna care for them and protect them,” said Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi.

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