Curtis Lon Canada – Repeat Sex Offender – Committed to Coalinga

Canada has been convicted of violent sex crimes three times in 22 years. Each crime involved forcing or attempts to force male victims, one of them a teen, into sex acts

A San Joaquin County Superior Court judge has ordered a Tracy man committed into the state’s custody after a jury Monday found him to be a sexually violent predator.

Curtis Canada, 42, is being sent to the Coalinga State Hospital for an indeterminate term for the appropriate treatment and confinement, which is subject to annual review by the director of mental health, according to court documents.

He has been convicted of violent sexual crimes three times since 1986.

Deputy District Attorney Victoria Boyett, who prosecuted the case, said the jury did the right thing.

“It’s unfortunate, but due to his mental disorder, he’s very dangerous to the community,” Boyett said. “He needs to be in a secure facility to protect people.”

In separate evaluation summaries through a pair of clinical psychologists last year, Canada was deemed to meet the criteria as a sexually violent predator. In two separate documents, he was diagnosed as having paraphillia, a sexual attraction of an unusual or pathological nature, and sexual sadism.

Boyett said Canada will have the opportunity to participate in an “intense” sexual offender program to help him work though some of his issues with a goal of being granted a supervised release.

“We just don’t want any more re-offenses,” she said. “It’s not punishing someone twice for the same thing; its a matter due to his mental illness. We don’t need more victims.”

Canada has spent the past 22 years in and out of prison for committing three violent sex crimes.

In 1986, he pleaded guilty to forcing a Tracy teenager to perform oral sex on him and was sentenced to two years in prison, according to court documents.

Less than a year after his release, a jury convicted him of assault with intent to commit sodomy after beating a man. He was sent to prison for seven years, court documents show.

In 2000, Canada pleaded guilty to forcible oral copulation and was given a nine-year prison sentence, but was eligible for parole in 2007, according to court documents.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

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