Pedophiles Groom Parents

At six-foot-two and 245 pounds, Karl Toft says he was a man his child victims would never resist.

“Here I am, this big hulk of a man, standing over a 12-year-old kid, looking down at him and saying, ‘We’re going to bed together.’ And the fact that he didn’t say no told me that it was OK with him, so therefore it was OK with me.”

The 71-year-old, released from an Edmonton halfway house in December 2005, spent a decade in prison for sexually assaulting more than 100 boys, most while employed as a guard at a reform school in Kingsclear.

He also assaulted boys from the age of 16 while he worked as a Boy Scout leader.

The pedophile told the Edmonton Sun he also got away with many of the sex assaults by befriending parents and their children.

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Brian Green – Depressed Child Porn Collector

A BANNOCKBURN man was found in possession of thousands of sexually explicit images of children, some as young as 12 months, a court has heard.

Brian Green, 59, of Pope St, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday to one count of possessing child pornography.

Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Geoff Lamb said police executed a search warrant at Green’s home on January 21 and seized a laptop compute, hard drive and discs containing more than 20,000 pornographic images.

“Green admitted downloading child pornography, video files and images of boys and girls of various ages, but was unsure of the total number,” he said.

“He also told police he had recently deleted a lot of images.”

Sen-Constable Lamb said of the find included more than 60 video clips and more than 7700 of child pornography.

“The images were extremely explicit and contained images of children, some as young as 12 months, being sexually penetrated.”

The prosecutor described the images as extremely disturbing, with the children tied up in some cases.

David Gray, for Green, told the court he’d had the misfortune to briefly view some of the material before the court.

“The seriousness of this matter is not in dispute and my client admits downloading these disturbing images,” Mr Gray said.

The lawyer asked the court to consider his client’s previous exemplary life, his lack of prior convictions and his remorse demonstrated by an early plea of guilty.

Mr Gray said there was no suggestion Green had passed on any of the images.

“He was a man suffering major depression, sitting alone in his room late at night with no social life since his divorce 12 years ago and this is the result,” he said.

Mr Gray handed up two psychiatric reports, adding that his client was vulnerable and at risk of self-harm.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan adjourned the matter until Tuesday, May 27.

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