Paul Grimsley – Repeat Sex Offender

Grimsley has “enormous risk to re-offend” and so is
“someone who should be monitored forever.”

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

A convicted sex offender who served three years for molesting a 14-year-old girl but claims that he has raped 58 children was sentenced Wednesday to a decade in prison for possessing child pornography on a home computer.

Paul Grimsley, 31, who was living in Torrington when he was convicted of molesting the girl in 2002 and most recently was living in New Britain, is likely to offend again and should receive intense treatment in prison and strict supervision once he is released, Judge Joan Alexander said during his sentencing at Superior Court in New Britain.

The judge ordered him to be listed on the state’s sex offender registry for life. It was not clear Wednesday if police are investigating the claim that Grimsley made to probation officers that he has raped dozens of other children.

Alexander said the serious danger that Grimsley poses to society and the slim chance that treatment will stop him from molesting children underscore why the state should mandate civil commitment of high-risk offenders to hospitals for evaluation after release from prison.

She said that Grimsley could voluntarily seek that commitment when he is released and she urged him to consider it.

Grimsley was arrested last October after a computer repair center told police that a customer’s computer appeared to have files of child pornography. Police found 324 images of children being sexually tortured and exploited, according to court records.

Many were images of girls aged 4 to 8, records say.

In court, the judge said that the pictures were crime scene photographs, depicting illegal acts suffered by child victims, which is why it is against the law to possess them.

“These are real children in these images,” Alexander said. “Viewing the images doesn’t remove you from the crime.”

Prosecutor Brian Preleski said a pre-sentencing report warned that Grimsley has “enormous risk to re-offend” and so is “someone who should be monitored forever.”

“It’s frightening to think that Mr. Grimsley will eventually be back in the community,” Preleski said of the defendant, who was still on parole from his 2002 conviction when arrested last fall.

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