Jeffrey Brisson and Harold Spurling BABY RAPER PEDOPHILES

Newly released arrest and search warrants served on two city men accused of sexually assaulting a 3-month-old baby reveal they were likely using local children to make pornographic movies and one man admitted the duo preferred molesting children under the age of 9.

Jeffrey Brisson, 29, and Harold Spurling, 39, were arrested Jan. 30 after police serving a warrant for the sexual assault of a young boy, which occured over the course of nine years, found a 3-month-old girl in the apartment whom the duo had videotaped, police said.

Both men were in New Britain Superior Court Monday when Judge Joan Alexander unsealed the search warrants used to gather evidence against both men.

During questioning, Spurling told officers the two molested children and he preferred having sex with boys ages 4 to 9 while Brisson preferred male and female infants and toddlers, according to one of the warrants.

The warrant indicates that Brisson and Spurling repeatedly committed sexual acts with a Middletown victim that began nine years ago when the boy was 5. The boy told police he thought he had been videotaped while performing sexual acts, police said.

Police started investigating Brisson and Spurling Jan. 4 after a city middle-school staff member received an anonymous flier providing information that the two were using the Internet to engage in “pedophile activities.” Officers were able to confirm that the flier wasn’t a hoax by determining that one of the addresses listed on the sheet was that of a 14-year-old boy now living in Middletown.

The warrant indicates that, during an interview with police Jan. 29, Brisson admitted the boy may have seen a Hustler magazine at their home when he came to visit. Both men declined to allow police to examine their computers that day.

Police contacted the 14-year-old boy and he admitted that both men had committed sexual acts with him and Brisson had often shown him pornographic videos and photos of children when he came to visit, according to a warrant. The teen said the victims in the shots appeared to be as young as 5 to 9 years old. He said Brisson had committed a sexual act with him the last time he was at the apartment Jan. 18.

Armed with arrest and search warrants, police arrived Jan. 30 to find the two refusing to allow them entry into their apartment. Once inside police found a 3-month-old girl in the home, which was filled with animal feces and urine, according to the warrant.

Police also discovered that while they were trying to stall police from entering, the men had shredded paper documents and had started an encryption process to hide computer materials, police said. When the process was stopped, police discovered the video the pair was attempting to erase was of Brisson sexually assaulting the baby. Other videos and images showed Brisson and Spurling with city children recognizable to Youth Bureau officers, according to the warrant.

Police also seized a tripod and other video and still photography recording devices and numerous disks containing sexual assaults of young victims during the search, according to the warrant. Detailed photographs of the apartment will be used to determine if the two were using the location to film other child pornography.

Both men were arrested by warrant on charges of fourth-degree sexual assault, four counts of illegal sexual contact and risk of injury for the teen’s assaults.

Brisson was also charged with first-degree sexual assault, three counts of risk of injury, employing a minor in an obscene performance, tampering with evidence and interfering with a search warrant in connection with the baby’s assault.

Spurling was also charged with tampering with evidence, risk of injury and interfering with a search warrant. Brisson has been held on $3 million bond and Spurling on $2 million bond since their arrest. More charges may be pending.

Their cases were continued Monday until May 20.

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