Sex offender killed in B.C. prison riot

A convicted pedophile and child pornographer serving an indefinite sentence as a dangerous offender was killed in a prison riot Saturday night at Mountain Institution, a federal male medium security facility 120 kilometres east of Vancouver.

Michael Gibbon, 39, was killed during a riot that broke out around 9:45 p.m. in the gymnasium, Dave Lefebvre, a spokesman for Correctional Service of Canada, said today in an interview.

Mr. Gibbon, who had spent his entire life in Chilliwack before his incarceration for sex crimes, had been convicted in 1992 for sexual interference of a young child and sentenced to three months in jail. Five years later, he was convicted of sexual assault, production of child pornography and possession of child pornography for the purpose of distribution, bestiality.

Mr. Gibbon was declared a dangerous offender in 1998 but the decision was set aside in 2003. He was declared a dangerous offender for a second time in 2005 after failing to convince a B.C. Supreme Court judge that he could control his strong sex drive if he was allowed to participate in a trial program of anti-libidinal medication.

Mr. LeFebvre said that the disturbance began with inmates breaking windows and threatening staff members. They subsequently started assaulting each other.

Mr. Gibbon, who has been in custody since February, 1997, was attacked and pronounced dead at the institution. A second inmate who was not identified was sent to a hospital outside the prison compound.

Mr. Lefebvre said the reason for the disturbance or for Mr. Gibbon’s death was not yet known. Three investigations have begun: the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, a joint police force in Metro Vancouver, has been called in and has begun to look into the circumstances related to the death.

The Correctional Service and the Coroner’s Office will also investigate the incident. “At this point it is way too early to speculate what started this,” Mr. Lefebvre said.

No correctional officers were involved in the death of inmate, he also said.

Extensive damage was caused to several buildings in the institution which was to remain locked down to facilitate the clean up and a search, he added.

Ransom Cubitt – Defiant Child Molester

“It is distressing to see that you committed that offence and it is even more distressing that the woman would be still willing to have you back with her children there. You are not going to have that opportunity.”

Judge Michael Taylor

A SEX offender banned from having unsupervised access to under-18s has been jailed for secretly moving in with a woman and her three children.

Ransom Cubitt was locked up for a total of 21 months for breaching the terms of a prevention order and failing to notify a change of address.

Judge Michael Taylor told the 36-year-old Middlesbrough man that he will be jailed for longer if he again breaks the conditions of the ruling.

Teesside Crown Court heard that Cubitt was spared prison two years ago for an offence of inciting a child to engage in a sexual act.

Instead of a custodial sentence, he was given a three-year community rehabilitation order and sent on a sex offenders’ programme.

The strict Sexual Offences Prevention Order meant Cubitt was banned from having unsupervised contact with children and had to notify police and probation officials about his living arrangements.

Police went to his last known address last November, but his father said the former bus driver had not been living there for the previous three months.

Cubitt was finally traced ten days later to a home in Middlesbrough where he had been staying with a woman and her three children.

In interview, he said he had simply forgot to notify officials about his change of address, but accepted that he had been left alone with the youngsters.

Defence barrister Brian Russell said that the woman felt let down but would allow Cubitt back into her home because he had got on well with her children.

Judge Taylor told Cubitt: “You find yourself in difficulty today because this court gave you an opportunity in January 2006 . . . to prove yourself in the community.”

The judge said he took the SOPO breach seriously because it was made for a good reason – “because the court thought you posed a danger to children because of your offending”.

He added: “It is distressing to see that you committed that offence and it is even more distressing that the woman would be still willing to have you back with her children there. You are not going to have that opportunity.

“If you breach that order again, I warn you five years is the maximum and the courts will be likely to impose it.”

Cubitt, of Westbourne Road, admitted failing to comply with notification requirements and breaching the SOPO between June and November last year.