"Yes I raped her everyday, but it didn’t hurt her", he said.

A man who admitted in court to raping his daughter regularly from age three through her late teens told psychiatrists he doesn’t believe he hurt her, says a report released Thursday.

The 53-year-old father of three pleaded guilty in May to incest, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching and bestiality. Court records show the man, who cannot be named to protect his daughter, started sexually assaulting the girl in 1986.

The abuse continued for two years, until he voluntarily sought treatment in the spring of 1988 and confessed to sexually assaulting seven young children over a period of eight years. He spent two years in jail for those crimes.

In 1991, two days after he was released from jail, he picked up where he left off, raping his daughter nearly every day, including on the day of her high school graduation. She missed her grad photo as a result.

Crown prosecutor Tania Holland has initiated proceedings to have the man declared a dangerous offender. He is expected to make his next appearance on June 16.

Despite pleading guilty in May, the man later told psychiatrists he didn’t commit “any sexually abusive or inappropriate acts, detected or otherwise, since the early 1990s,” says the evaluation by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Robert Brown and University of Alberta professor Liam Ennis.

“He insisted that he only pleaded guilty to the … offences on the advice of legal counsel.”

The man also denied any memory of the rapes and blamed his lack of recall on a brain injury he suffered when he was 13.

Tests showed the injury has not affected his ability to monitor and inhibit his sexual behaviour.

“(He) holds numerous attitudes and beliefs that support, justify and minimize his sexual offending,” the psychiatric report says.

The man also sexually assaulted the girl’s pets and killed some of them. The report says the man achieved the highest possible score on a test that screens for pedophilic interests.

Other tests showed he is not a psychopath, does not suffer from any cognitive impairment and is a moderate to high risk to reoffend.

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